Temperature (via Ecobee) in automation not working correctly

Temperature pre-condition automation appears to ignore the temperature. Is there any way to see logs or any detailed debugging info to trace what ST is doing here? I can only look at history and that confirms what I see on the ecobee device itself.

Using the stock ecobee integration and that temperature reads, say, 71.

Set up automation to:

  • If temp on ecobee is >=75 (Precondition)
  • if window is open
  • then turn on fan

The fan switch gets turned on as soon as I open a window, even though the pre-condition should not pass as the temp on the device itself is 71.

Maybe others have similar issues with the stock Ecobee integration / temp?

Is that reading on the thermostat or in the ST app? I have Honeywell thermostats, not Ecobee, so this may not apply. But one thing to check is to make sure that ST is polling the thermostat’s temperature regularly. In my case, ST doesn’t, so I had to set automations to regularly refresh the thermostat polling so that ST is up to date. In your case, if the temperature has risen fairly quickly, it might be 75 on the thermostat but ST thinks it’s less than that.

Thanks for checking in. Yes, that 71 number shows up on the thermostat and in ST and it polls frequently.

It’s really weird. I see the history and it’s showing 71, but the automation triggers anyway. I have no insight into what the hell ST is thinking/doing.

Having the same issue. ST automation isn’t writing the temps. Only the mode settings work.

Manually setting temps via device page on ST works but not a write or change via automations. Notice this for over a month now.

I’ve removed device, changed names, added again. Deleted linked accounts and started over with no luck.

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