Need Help To Accomplish (Schlage/Ecobee/Presence)


this seems straightforward to me to accomplish, but i don’t know the best way to do it and would appreciate any assistance.

I want:

  1. when certain codes are entered into my Schlage lock to unlock: change mode from Away to Home and set Ecobee3 mode to Home
  2. when Schlage is locked and there are no presence sensors to set mode to Away and set Ecobee3 mode to Away

Can anyone assist in helping me achieve this ?

thank you in advance

Rboy’s lock manager app can do this.

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Just a couple of questions about your logic. For #1 you want to use codes vs specific presense sensors to set modes? You could easily do that just using the sensors? I would assume that each sensor would represent a person who would have a code?
Would there be a situation where the schlage is unlocked, with all presence sensors away where you’d want the mode not to be away and the ecobee not to be away?

You can also use CoRE for the unlock logic. Not sure if it can capture the Sclage external lock button.

The presence sensors just seem to be able to set Ecobee to a pre-determined temperature not change mode of Ecobee3

So lets take the lock out of the equation. And just use presence and the ecobee. When certain people come home, do this with the ecobee, and when everyone leaves (or maybe just specific people) do this with the ecobee.

If you’re familiar with custom device handlers/apps, I think you’ll find this can do exactly what you want.

I also have an ecobee, and find this to be able to do exactly what you want. Basically it was a simple settings in the app to select ecobee mode based on SHM or Smartthings mode. It’s quite customizable.

These are the software items I use that would allow you to do what your asking.

@yvesracine Ecobee software suite.

[RELEASE] Resilent - My Ecobee Device & ecosystem v5 - The smartest thermostat under ST with new "comfort tips" features and Unique Integration with Echo/Ask Alexa

And @RBoy software for the Schlage Lock.

[RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock, Schlage Lock, Yale Lock, Kwikset Lock, IDLock, DanaLock, August Pro and Samsung Lock Device Handler with Alarm Control, Notification, RFID, Door Sensor and advanced features

These are both paid software suites but in my opinion well worth the cost. There are free alternatives that can probably accomplish the same thing.


Coming back to this, it may not be straightforward.

You will need to use several items working together to accomish this.
First the unlock door desire:
You could use presence (phone,fob) and the I’m back routine to trigger your home mode.
Or you could use the lock software referenced above to detect when anyone, or specific person unlocks the door to trigger your home mode.

Then upon house going into home mode the smartthings Ecobee software would see that and set the ecobee to home mode as you desire.

It’s a multi item, step event to get the end result you desire. There is no direct lock to ecobee connection.

The away function you desire has an additional item you want to detect so it will complicate it slightly more.

If you didn’t also want to also detect the door being locked.
You could use just the not present and your goodbye routine to start the cycle.
Or you can just use the door locked by outside keypad as a trigger to set your house to away mode using the lock software.

Again the smartthings ecobee software will see your house go into away mode and set the thermostat into away.

By wanting everyone gone and door locked. Which is kinda redundant, because when everyone is gone the door should already be locked. You’ll have to possibly delve into Core smart app or something else.

In my house I have my goodbye routine lock my back door. This is only a backup event. Typically when we leave everyone is in the habit of pushing the lock button on the lock outside keypad. We currently use presence to trigger our goodbye routine. I could use the lock keypad but I went with presence in case someone forgets to lock the door when their running out the door at 7:59 am for their 8:00 am college class. :slight_smile:

Then of course you could always use the built in capabilities of the ecobee to do this on its own.

If your ecobee can see motion in the house and you have smart home enabled. It will automatically enter your home mode when it is in the away portion of your daily program. Or vice versa enter away mode with no motion when your in the home portion of your daily program.
Soooo possibly place remote sensors by the main path of activity, or rooms you typically occupy when your home. The ecobee should see you and switch modes for you automatically. This being an ideal situation. You could then back it up or force it to switch sooner with smarthings telling it to switch.

I hope that helps, I am typing on my phone so forgive my typos and grammar ect…

thanks everyone !