Ecobee4 is avalable Now - The best Thermostat on the market according to CNET!

All I know is you linked a wiki article you wrote as evidence to support your own argument. :rofl:

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As I wrote to you earlier, this content was taken from multiple sources amongst others JDRoberts and Rboy…

As you may know, those guys work quite a lot with Zwave and zigbee thermsotats.
And, it’s all based on facts.

Welp, I’m pretty happy with my Nest, so cya.

The whole point of this thread is that there are better options out there for the same price as the Nest.

And, there are a lot of technical reviews about it (as you can see above).

FYI,the content at the ST community wiki was built based on many threads in the ST community forum, amongst others this one:


I carefully read the reviews and Nest is clearly positioned for future, while Ecobee has positioned as follower, throwing sand in the eye of the leader. Those “technical” reviews you mentioned highlight the cosmetic advantages. Which are true, but that doesn’t justify the statement that Ecobee is more reliable or smarter, because is not. And that’s not an opinion, is a fact.

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I don’t think that you read the same technical articles as it’s not about cosmetic features at all…

In fact, some people not aware of the Ecobee Smart features and it’s powerful APIs would argue that the Nest looks better than the ecobee and point to the Nest better look as an argument.

Like it or not, cosmetics matter. I’m sure with some time I could fashion a better thermostat using an ESP8266, some temp/humidity sensors, jumpers and capacitors galore, shlop it all on a protoboard, and stick it on the wall with some hot glue. It’d look great!

Everybody is entitled to her/his own opinion. I prefer reliability over look although the ecobee look is not so bad either.

I hear you, and I admire your enthusiasm. I don’t think it looks bad either. They both look great, and I feel the minor differences between the two are negligible, and in the end it might, just might, come down to aesthetics and/or personal preference.

I bought my Nest last year, completely unaware of other options. The differences are not enough to warrant me buying an ecobee and going through the trouble of selling my Nest. I don’t know if it’ll ever get to that point, but I’m fairly certain they’ll be competing front runners for the near future.

Would you buy a Nest thermostat again based on those facts that I posted above?

What I’m saying here is that there are better options for the same price point. This thread is about explaining the ecobee option for new buyers, not trying to convince existing Nest users to switch.

For someone who already bought the Nest, well it’s mostly too late. It’s a good thermostat, but does it worth the extra money vs zigbee/z-wave thermostats given its lack of good APIs?

Using SmartThings to schedule is not alien to me, as I have almost everything running through webcore. In all honesty I would prefer to use webcore for ALL automations and scheduling. The native apps rarely have the functionality I desire, and it’s easier for me to have everything running through one thing.

I don’t need all the extra features you listed, but many of them are available through NST Manager.

In the future I might buy another Nest. Larger user base, support is always a call away, and I already know how to use it.

Or I might buy an ecobee to change things up. Since they are so very similar, and the features (the ones I use) can be achieved on both I’m afraid it might have to come down to cosmetics. :smile:

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Did you have any DST issues with your Automations just recently?

I’m sorry but where I live, my family cannot wake up cold in the middle of the night when it’s - 20 degrees outside…

All I’m saying is that I’m glad I don’t rely on SmartThings for my main HVAC scheduling… The other ecobee benefits (good APIs, HomeIQ portal, etc) are icing on the cake.

I understand that for you the Amazon integration is not a strong point, but for others it also makes a difference…

Honestly you’ve got me on the defensive mostly because you called my Nest dumb. :neutral_face:

I’m outside Philly. Gets cold here too.

The screenshots of the ecobee look pretty cool though. All that data right there, ready to go.


The Home IQ portal is really a strong benefit of the ecobee. All your data available for download in excel spreadsheet if needed.

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And, now something new is coming into the Ecobee Ecosystem (in beta):

Getting “an unexpected error occurred” when trying to add the new ecobee4 to SmartThings.

Anyone seen this before? Any ideas?

Hi @Glen_King,

I don’t believe that you’re a contributor to my code. If you want a reliable integration between ST and Ecobee, please contribute to My Ecobee device at my store:

[RELEASE] My Ecobee Device & ecosystem v5 - The smartest thermostat under ST with new "comfort tips" features and Unique Integration with Echo/Ask Alexa

If you’re indeed a contributor, please send your logs to

P.S. If you’re a contributor, I don’t have you as an active contributor, so you’d need to follow the update procedure I sent you in an email.

Actually, the code was not at all the issue. Thanks anyway… but the issue is resolved.

Ecobee is the best thermostat according to wired…

I told you so, Ecobee is the best thermostat, and you were wrong all along…What will you do with your Nest thermostats: paperweight??