Refresh Ecobee More Often?

I use the humidity reading from my Ecobee3 to turn on several humidifiers at different humidity levels via smart outlets using the Smart Humidifier App. It actually does the job pretty well. However, there is a lag in time sometimes five or more minutes before the Ecobee will refresh the reading in the ST App thus causing the humidity to overrun higher than it should. Is there a way to “poll” or cause the ST app to refresh the Ecobee more often to prevent this??


The ST stock ecobee device doesn’t allow a refresh rate below 5 minutes, but My ecobee device can do the refresh every minute if needed.

Also, you can also connect your Humidier/Dehumidifer to ecobee, and then use the MonitorAndSetEcobeeHumidity smartapp which can also turn on/off some smart switch(es) if needed.


The smartapp will calculate the ideal humidity level for your home based on the outdoor/indoor conditions at your home, and then activate the right device (humidifier/dehumidifier/ventilator and/or smart switches) to achieve your target humidity level.

See my github for all the complimentary smartapps available with My Ecobee device:


Get a multi sensor in the rooms you want to control. They will be faster than Ecobee’s reporting. Ecobee was not really designed to be realtime with other integrations.

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