Ecobee with Core refreshing Operating state

I am currently trying to write a Core piston that turns off my fan when the A/C turns on. It appears that the smarthings app is not updating the operating status from the ecobee thermostat. I have tried putting a line in my piston to refresh the thermostat but this does not seem to work.

The program never runs because the status of the ecobee in the smarthings stays at idle unless you manually go to Things then select the thermostat then refresh the state. Does anyone know how I can get this to refresh automatically every few seconds?

Are you using CoRE or webCoRE? What I’ve noticed with ecobee is it is slow to send update to ST. Sometimes the AC has been cooling for 3-5 minutes before it registers in ST.


With my Ecobee Device, you can send the “refresh” command every minute if you want to get the latest thermostatOperatingState without any issues.

None of my contributors have complained about issues with thermostatOperatingState…


I am really new with Smarththings so excuse my ignorance. I am not sure if I have core or webcore. I went through the github process of installing it so I think I am using CoRE. It seems that the run status never updates unless you do it manually.

Update: I have noticed now that my smart things app will no longer show the correct operating status. Even if I refresh while the unit is running, it just always shows idle. I do not believe this to be an issue with CoRe but more of an issue with communication between smart things and the ecobee

Yeah, the official ecobee integration may disconnect from time to time… That’s one of the reasons why I created My Ecobee device which is much more resilient to any ecobee outages.