[OBSOLETE] Lock Manager

Lock Manager

Incomplete List of features:

  • Manage user codes on locks.
  • Manage Keypads.
  • Review and manage active lock codes.
  • Set lock access based on schedules.
  • Receive notifications when a user used their code.
  • Run Hello Home phrases based on lock/unlock events.
  • Manage Hello Home phrases based on keypad inputs.

This app works using 3 child apps and 1 parent app. It is recommended that you install all 4 apps, however if you do not use keypad devices, it is not required to install the keypad child app.

Note: If upgrading from any beta version, it is required to uninstall the app completely before installing. The architecture of this app has changed in
a way that is incompatible with previous versions.

How To Install

User guide has old information. There is now only one app to install, and no child apps. Leaving the link here, because there is still reliant information, but this guide is for version 1.0 and not version 2.

App no longer requires special Device Type Handlers. There are two special device handlers in the repo simply to supply options to turn special features on/off in settings.

User Guide

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 does not learn codes and will roll over any existing codes it can. This is to prevent errors like… existing code 1234 is on slot 2 but you choose slot1 and there’s a conflict. Lock Manager should be your single point of truth for codes, and it behaves this way. If LockManager detects a code that is not part of the app, it will attempt to delete it.

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Cool. :sunglasses:

And for those who find this with a forum search and would like to see the older, currently more stable version:

Will check it out. What’s new?

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User is a child app, so:
Schedules/Notifications are on per-user basis.
User (you) no longer sets the number of users or which slot the user will use as an integer. More of this logic happens in the app instead with an ENUM input type.

  • a taken slot will not show up as available when setting up a new user

setting a user error loop works better, no more polling loops. User will deactivate.

You can disable users on a per lock basis…

You can see user usage on a per-lock basis… how many times is this person using this lock?



Excellent job!

For those that want to try this with a ZigBee lock, here is my Universal ZigBee DTH with Lock Codes.


Please submit this when it is ready. I will put it through our process. :slight_smile:


Bug with code not being removed from Lock when removing User? If I remove a User, the code set for that user is not removed from the lock. During testing, I have to disable the user account first and then remove the account before it no longer works on the lock.

This is also the behavior for the old app for various reasons. Here’s my thinking:

My idea is that there will be a STRONG mode (default) that will manage all the codes. This means that it will strong-arm all the slots that arent set by the app into a deleted state. STRONG mode will be able to be toggled OFF so that you can let other apps manage slots that aren’t being managed by Lock Manager. I have a feeling most people will just choose STRONG mode, but if someone toggles strong mode OFF and then removes a user, it will not delete that code. If STRONG mode is on, the code will be deleted.

Thanks for the input!

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Are the codes not burning on the latest app either? I couldnt get them to burn on the old app too.

I need to have 1 use codes, but no matter what I do, when it works once, then it just keeps working.

Trying it out on one lock. Works great so far. I really love having different user profiles.

Bug when initiating app - Lock is seen and able to be selected, however ‘New User’ encounters an unexpected error message banner. Lock is Kwikset 910. Any ideas? I feel like it might be something on my end, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

App started showing up in my activity feed constantly this morning. Any further way to debug why?

I haven’t seen that. If you look at the logs, you should be able to see what it’s doing. Do you have the custom device type set up on your locks?

Sounds like a bug. If you can find the error in the logs, it should tell you more about it.

I shall look into this. Are notifications working for you? “phil_panfili unlocked front door”

Hi All,

I have installed the new SA (parent & child) and the DTH. Thank you Erik.

I am having inconsistency in reporting … it works perfect with some codes some of the time (“Front door was unlocked by John Doe”), does not give any notifications on occasions, and with others is saying Code 4 or manually unlocked, not the USER name. Attaching a screen shot of live log to help trouble shoot.

Let me know if there are more details that will help debug.

further to above

in the notifications this was just sent (10:34AM) - this was the code used at 10:28 AM that says “manually unlocked”.

I have DELETED this SLOT (4) and readded the user and code but same behavior.

It’s possible you have another slot already programmed into your lock that the code you’re trying to set is conflicting. Try to figure out which slot has that code and delete it, or just start using it…

like if Code1 is already 0609…
You can’t set code4 to 0609.

{12 | 34 | 56 | 78 | 90}
or if Code(X) is 9590 it will conflict and the lock will not set the new code…

Try a new code for that user, or figure out why it’s conflicting with another slot.

This should be reported better to the user in a later version.


This is because those codes are active in a different slot that you are unaware of. Add some blank users with inactive codes to delete your slots… then try to program them in again.

As an aside, one should not be using both this app and the old one unless you are REALLY SURE of what you are doing. If you set one slot in this app and other rules in the other app with that same slot, they will end up in a loop of doom that will drain your batteries and your sanity.

Don’t do it!