Door Opening Notification based on user code?

Currently using the Smartthings door lock and unlock app, it doesn’t allow any notifications for who opened the door, it just shows who in the History.

Does anyone know if its possible to show who unlocked the door via a notification/push? Maybe I need a different app for this?

try @ethayer’s Lock Manager.

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Okay I had that previously but the SmartThings one caught my attention because the main Dashboard has a little widget to show status of the locks real quick.

Is there a way to put something on the Dashboard similar to that using ethayers?

I use the ethayer lock manager but I still have the Smart Locks widget in my dashboard. The lock manager handles adding/removing codes and triggering routines, but it’s all transparent to the native lock app.

Oh very interesting… so dont use the native lock manager for the codes, just use it as a visual status and control for the locks while actually setting the codes and getting enhanced functionality from the ethayer one?

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Awesome, I’ll give that a try… thank you!

If you have access to RBoy Apps, check out this SmartApp, it very reliable/stable and you can combine notifications and actions of the SmartApp with the SmartThings native SmartLocks app dashboard to get a complete view of users and actions.