SmartApp or DH for Schlage Camelot Lock

This is my first message of this type (asking for guidance between different DH’s), so if this is inappropriate in content or category, please educate me (gently… LOL).
Very new to ST and am becoming familiar pretty quickly. I’m finding that there are multiple Handlers for some products and I have no idea how to decide on which to use without just asking for people’s opinions. Need to hook up my Schlage Camelot. I don’t need a ton of bells & whistles (unless there’s cool stuff that I’m not aware of). User codes: I need maybe 15 at most, and would be nice if I could see/edit them after initial creating. I’ll prob use Presence detection to open the garage automatically. Locking the door would be part of a good night routine, as well as the routines that run when we leave the house (presence-based). That’s about it. Which is the best for me to use without overcomplicating?
Thanks so much!

Go here:


Thanks so much! Working on it