[Depricated] Lock Code Manager

OK, great, thanks! I still have his other repo in my IDE, so I’ll just do an update from that repo for the DH.

Very helpful, thank you very much. Can’t wait for my lock to arrive. (But I guess that’s obvious.) :smiley:

Thanks for the push in the right direction. Everything is working great!

Appreciate the quick response!

Happy New Year

Anyone having issues where the lock code manager reports the door being locked like 5 times in your notifications? I’m not sure if I set it up improperly and somehow made it trigger multiple times. I figured it was unlikely because the unlock notification only shows once.

I’m getting the same thing. Just posted about this actually. I’m only getting it for “Locked” messages and not the “Unlocks”. About 5 “Locked” messages will pop up in my notifications.

Anyone else getting this? I’m on an Android device. @Torgysk not sure if you’re using Android as well and if that matters.

I am actually using iPhone and iPad applications. My issue was fixed with the BETA version of the software that was referenced in a few post ago.

I have been doing home automation for over 10 now, but I just got my ST hub at xmas, so a steep learning curve.

I do not have notifications turned on at the moment, so i cannot comment. I may turn mine on, and see what happens and report back, but that won’t be tonight as my son has hockey.

Good luck


Yup - recommendation I got was to use this:

For what i am using it for, it is sufficient. I have not had any issues, and it did solve a polling problem for me that was killing my batteries.

Did you mean this version, or the beta version when you say “it is sufficient.” ? Sounds like you’re saying that the beta version solved your polling problem, correct?

Yes, i am using the beta version. It has solved the polling problem for me.


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I am using an older smartthings V1 hub with a new Schlage Camelot Lock and I am having trouble getting it to properly connect and report current status. I have tried resetting the Schlage to default and removing it from smartthings and then re-adding it to the hub. It can lock and unlock the lock but status is always reported as unknown. Is this an issue because it is a v1 hub or what am I missing.

Thanks for any advise.

I’m doing something wrong. trying to add a second user, but under user setting it says WARNING: this user has been disabled. Reason: Code Conflict Detected. Any suggestion?

Thank you for you help

##Beta v0.2

###What’s new?

  • Views for lock info to see what all the codes are in each slots.
  • Overwrite mode option (ON by default) which removes codes that aren’t set by this app.
    (I believe this will be very helpful to most people) REMEMBER TO DELETE any apps that also alter codes before using this app with this option enabled. You have been warned.
    ###What’s Next?
  • Global Notifications/Schedule.
  • Improve lock info pages and user views.
  • stretch goal: Remove need for custom DTH for code reports.

If there are reasons that are holding you back from ditching the old app for this one, let me know so that I can prioritize what I work on in the future.


Hey Erik, great work! The big feature that I would need to switch to the new SmartApp would be full keypad integration. I’m currently using a custom version of your original version which extends keypad support to add keypad chime support.

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Thanks! I don’t have a keypad to test out if I were to add this. Maybe another person could do a PR and add the feature after it goes to V1? I might buy a keypad though. Which one do you use?

I use the Xfinity keypad but the Lowe’s iris keypad is basically the same thing (both made by centralite). I think the Lowe’s one is currently on sale too…

Wow! Nice sale. I’ll pick one up this week.

Beware, the sale price varies by store. I could not find the 60% off price anywhere within 2 hours of my house.

Looks like I can order online and choose pickup in store. Bingo.

I tried that, they would not let me order for the discount from a remote store and pick up local. How’d you do it?

Hi ethayer, thank you so much for your work with this app. Smartthings support referred me to you. We are looking at using your app as a way to remotely change the code on our Kwikset Smartcode 909 lockset, while also using the Smartthings hub. Can you verify if this is possible with your app?