Lock with key codes

I just installed a new lock on my front door. I have a Schlage Connect lock. I know it works with Smart Things as I checked that prior to purchasing it. I would like to be able to control the lock codes from smart things.


Does anyone have a step by step guide for this?

3 choices for you to choose from…

free version from @ethayer, scroll down and find version 2:

Paid version from @RBoy

ST’s Smart Locks app:


New to ST and researching this topic, so thanks in advance for any help. The Smart Locks app that comes with ST seems to be very limited in its functionality. I have two z-wave locks connected to the system and I want to be able to assign the same code / user to each lock, but the Smart Locks app only seems to allow me to assign a code ONCE to either lock, but NOT both.

Is the only way to work around this one of the alternative apps noted above, or is there another way? Thanks!

SmartLocks only allows you to assign a code to a single lock at a time.

If you’re using the Lock User Managment (LUM) app, it allows you to assign codes to an unlimited number of locks for each user (conversely you can also exclude specific locks for individual users). You can more details of the additional features in the latest release post: