Thinking about getting an IRIS keypad, what can it do?

I’ve seen some people on here mention that the IRIS keypad that is available for about $40 can act as a sort of status indicator as to the state of the SHM. But what else can it do? If you lost your phone, or have a guest staying with you, can they use the keypad to arm and disarm SHM?



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I use a similar keypad, XFinity Centralite 3400, as the primary method for arming and disarming SmartHome. The keypad sounds tones during exit / entry delays, and a lighted button can show the system “armed status”. Keypads are 100% community supported devices, no Smarthings support.

I use the following apps with the Keypad
@ethayer Lock Manager (Allows for multiple keypads, multiple users, pins, including date and time sensitive pins)
@arnb SHM Delay (Adds Exit and Entry Delays to Smarthome)

There is also @bamarayne Keypad Coordinator and Webcore to do some custom functions without coding a SmartApp. I use my own small SmartApp and a few unassigned pins to: open and close the garage door, and toggle some lights.

I’ve had two iris keypads for a while now. Frankly they weren’t very useful til @arnb developed his SHM delay app, but now they actually work really nicely with entry and exit delays.

I don’t use the lock manager smartapp but it probably works fine with the iris keypad too.

Thank you for the positive comments regarding the SHM Delay Smartapp.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I recall reading someplace that the Iris Keypad can be armed/disarmed without a PIN. Is this true? if you are using PINs without the Lock Manager, how are you doing that?

I use mine to arm/disarm SHM and webcore to beep them when a door opens.

I’m not sure if the iris keypad can be armed/disarmed without pins.

I originally setup my keypads with @mitchp’s device handler and smartapp for the 3400 keypad, which also works with the iris keypad. IIRC the smartapp binds the disarm and two arm buttons to routines, and I created routines that arm and disarm SHM.

After you released the delay smartapp, I had to update the device handler to a newer one (can’t recall who developed that one in the interim) in order to get the beep feature to work. But I’m still using the original smartapp that Mitch released since it continues to function just fine for my needs.

If I ever decide to make things a little more complex (e.g. add some different pin codes for dog walker or housekeeper) I’ll give the lock manager smartapp a try.

The DTH I use and recommend is found at miriad (Zack Cornelius) · GitHub by Mitch Pond, Zack Cornelius.

Please send the link for this SmartApp.

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Yup, pretty sure that’s the device handler I updated to, thanks.

Here’s the smartapp I’m still using. Haven’t had any issues using it with two iris keypads, as I mentioned.

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I understand why you continue using it, simple, effective, clear code and logic, but without Entry/Exit delays. Not much that will break.

Prior to using my app, how did you arm/disarm your system with the keypad without setting off the alarm?

I probably got ahead of myself when I picked the keypads up soon after they became available at Lowe’s a couple years ago.

My goal was to increase the WAF for arming and disarming SHM, she’s not a huge fan of using the ST app, but without delays it turned out to be not that great.

We usually only arm SHM at night when we are home (goodnight routine runs either manually when we go to sleep or scheduled around midnight), and so the keypads were still usable for disarming if the dog needed to go out late at night, for example. But there were still false alarms if someone forgot to disarm before opening a door.

Now, with the addition of your smartapp, if someone comes home late while the system is armed, or needs to go outside, we get a 10 second grace period with just the beeps from the keypad before the rest of the SHM alert notifications go off. Much more user friendly!

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I’ve been using ST since June, 2017. Quickly gave up on presence as a arming / disarming option, total nightmare. Decided to use a keypad–WTF no ST support for keypads. Had to quickly learn about Community Apps, and there is a ton of outdated keypad information on the forum. Finally got the keypad working with the Lock Manager app’s Exit Delay, but with no entry delay, alarms each time I entered the house. That was not good with my newly installed 105DB Siren.

Learned about “Virtual Devices” then wrote a few Core routines to handle Entry Delay. OOPS, now there were no messages when real sensor formerly monitored by SHM was left open, another Core routine.

Decided Core was a bit slow for me, it is interpreted vs compiled, so I converted everything to SmartApps (Not sure if that’s true for WebCore). Another challenge, I never coded in Groovy or Java, but know PHP and legacy IBM mainframe Cobol and Assembler. By September 2017 I cooked everything down to the Beta Version of the current SHM Delay App.

My system now runs quite well, except for the Samsung contact sensors that on occasion refuse to work. Have my old Kindle Fire tablet up and working with ActionTiles, and just got it speaking with LanNouncer and Big Talker. Totally enjoying the audio confirmation when arming/disarming and door opens/closes. Wrote a simple Smartapp to handle Chimes and speaking when the keypad is set to ExitDelay prior to arming, otherwise Big Talker does what I need.

Time for some more new sensors and a smart Thermostadt.

What entry keypads to you recommend that are easiest to get working? @arnb

The Iris, Xfinity and Centralite require an identical amount of effort and understanding.
Please visit my SHM Smartapp thread for more information about using a Keypad with ST, and creating exit and entry delays.

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Do you mean the XFinity XHK1-UE keypad? @arnb

I have one of those, but can’t get ST to pair with it. In fact, it doesn’t even show up when I try to “add a thing”.

Take a look at Xfinity/Iris/Centralite Keypad TroubleShooting paragraph in my smart app documentation. It has information about resetting the the keypad to factory State and then connecting it to SmartThings

Ok, so I went through the troubleshooting, and was able to pair the keypad. Thanks. After adding the DH, I noticed that the temperature keeps up, and it even logs history of motion, but nothing else works. The “Motion Tile” on the app always shows motion, even when there is none. On the Device, None of the other text items show up like “Updated…” or if the state is Disarmed, Armed or anything else. I have a bad feeling the keypad I have isn’t quite the same as the one your describing. Also, I haven’t a clue on how to set the keypad code sense I reset it. I no longer have any of XFinity’s instructions, so that doesn’t help. All their docs want you to set the code from the main controller, which obviously I don’t have anymore. Do you have any ideas here? I may have to break down and buy another keypad …

Note, I haven’t written any groovy, mostly just c# and java. I may learn and see if I can tweak the DH to make it work for my keypad … unless you have a better idea.

My skillset is software not hardware.

Is the device showing as a thing or a keypad in the IDE?

I’m using an xfinity with the DTH at miriad/Centralite-Keypad/master, or you may get it at this link:
along with ethayer’s Lock Manager
and my SHM Delay Smartapp. It works well.

This my keypad info in the IDE, what is yours?

model: 3400
manufacturer: CentraLite
endpointId: 01

Raw Description 01 0104 0401 00 07 0000 0001 0003 0020 0402 0500 0B05 02 0019 0501

Current Version: 0x11005301
Target Version: 0x11005301
Last Updated: N/A
Last Checked: 2018-02-02 1:24 AM EST - Check Now

My Keypad image

Here’s a link the Xfinity info

Mine only kind of looks like that, and mine showed up as a “thing” not a keypad.

In the IDE mine shows up as:

endpointId: 01
manufacturer: Universal Electronics Inc
model: URC4450BC0-X-R

I will need to do more digging as setting up any key codes doesn’t seem to work at all as well as most of the other features. Only the temperate and motion “kind of” work. I took a picture with my phone, but I need to push it over to my laptop. But, I doubt that will make a difference, this is a completely different make/model.

Zack Cornelius @zcorneli is a keypad device guru. Perhaps he can assist you with this device.

You can also try forcing the device to use the Keypad DTH by changing it in the IDE.

Sadly, this is the “other” keypad, which isn’t supported by my device type handler.

It might at least somewhat work if you manually change it to my device handler, if it implements the ZHA alarm device type (Protocol), but most of the things the Centrallite keypad does are “extensions” to the protocol, and not actually compliant, so I wouldn’t expect it to work well, if it works at all.

Since it pairs, its probably possible to get it to work, but I don’t think there’s a device type for the UEI/TCH keypad at the moment.