[Depricated] Lock Code Manager

That’s not quite true. I know that you use this app 1 per lock, but it should be possible to use multiple locks on 1 install. There’s no need for multiple installs unless you need more than one schedule.

Though, the new app is better in most ways.

Okay I’ll correct/ clarify myself, if using a 2 year old version of the old app . Never updating it because it just works. Is that better ? :wink:

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Thanks folks! I’ll give it a go today and let you know where I screw up. :slight_smile:

Screw Ups:

  1. Didn’t change user code length on 2nd lock to match - fixed
  2. Deleted all user codes on 1st lock as recommended by JohnBotts and codes didn’t auto update - thoughts?

I successfully added 2 new schlage locks (3 total), but after adding them, only the last is receiving the code updates. None on the codes are working on the first two locks. I’ve gone back and deleted all users and refreshed lock data in the app, and still no luck.

I did have to factory reset the second lock because it wasn’t locking all the way, and the 3rd I had to unenroll and re-enroll because I wasn’t patient while waiting for it to pair.

Any thoughts on why the 1st and 2nd locks aren’t getting the code updates?

Thanks again for all the help.

Make sure to wipe the factory codes off. I’ve had issues with the code manager trying to update the locations of the factory codes. It appears to me that codes set on the lock itself have priority and will not update/erase via the lock manager.

Or leave slot1 and 2 alone and start from slot3

I haven’t had any problem with overriding factory codes and numbers. Remember that schlage locks are programmed to a specific code length. It’s likely that your other two locks need to be a different length than the others. Refer to the manual to set the code length on your two locks to what you’re using, all should be programed to the same length.

I use and change slots 1&2 on my schlage and kwikset locks without issue.

Good luck.

EDIT: Something to also note that you cannot delete users on slot 1&2 on schelage locks, so if you need to limit access for a user using a schedule, use slot 3 for that user.

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Just bought a Kwikset 910. I know automation can occur when the unit is unlocked, but can it occur when it is locked? I.e. to arm the alarm in Away mode?

Yes, you can use CORE to trigger events when locked

No. Any code has to be valid on the lock’s firmware itself to be sent back to the hub. This is different than the normal keypad which just sends typed codes back to SmartThings.

If order for it to be sent back to ST as valid, the code has to be a valid lock code. So entering it into the 910 will cause it to unlock.

You could then have your trigger do a bunch of things and then also lock the door back up again though.

First off. Thank you for taking the time to make this app.
Question: The app seems to work well but I can not delete codes that are entered through the app. Also the burn or schedule function doesn’t work and the code remains on the lock.
I can send codes to the lock. But they do not cease to function when warranted.
I’m using Kwikset 916 with smartthings.
Any help would be appreciated.

Are you using the new app or the old one? I’m not offering support for this app anymore as I’m no longer writing code for it.

Use the new one!

If you are talking about the new one, please ask the question in the new app thread for visibility.

Erik: Do you know if License 2.0 is the latest version of Device Handler from garyd9? Thanks

how can i view the code on either an iphone, ipad, or chromebook so that I can copy and paste it?

Does anyone know if it is possible to differentiate between manually locking the door from the inside vice pressing the lock button outside? I would like to NOT run a Hello Home message when manually locked, only run when someone locks from the outside. Anyone able to help me out? Thanks!

Yes! On certain locks only. This will be a feature on the next release, which you should see VERY SOON. I’ve been working like crazy on it…

What lock do you have?

Excellent! I have a Kwikset 916. Confirmed that the lock works. Looking forward to seeing updates! Thanks for the hard work.

How do you plan on integrating this. Currently I send the following in the lock event in my DTH. I want my DTH to align with your SmartApp.

resultMap.data = [ usedCode: user, type: "remotely" ]

The different types I use are remotely, manually, keypad and key. I based this off other code I saw. Thanks.

Another device type sends the usedCode as ‘0’ when a keypad is used. I’m not sure if this is the norm, but that’s what I went with. I haven’t seen the ‘type’ variable before, but I’ve seen type in the ‘usedCode’ variable as ‘manually’ and ‘’

If there’s no data object in the event map, and data.usedCode is ‘manual’ then I’m treating it as a manual turn.

On top of that, if there’s no data object at all in the codeReturn event, I set the lock to ‘does not support keypad lock’ and I hide some UX elements like the options to use commands on keypad lock and the routine associated with it.

I’ll PM my notes to you.

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