[Depricated] Lock Code Manager

I believe that only some locks send that information to the hub. My kwikset 910’s don’t but my schlage connect does.

EDIT: I think the kwikset does after a certain amount of attempts… 5?

I tried to type alot, after 3 attempt on my Kwikset 910, it locks the
keypad out for a few minutes and still no notification. thats ok though :slight_smile:
i was just hoping to get something like that.

I’m having issues of people randomly going to the door and pressing
buttons. don’t know if it’s someone pranking us or trying to get in.

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I’ll look into making that report a notification on the new app. I’m not sure if the lock generates a zwave event for this, but I’m guessing it does.

Normally this type of event is returned as an alarm to the DTH. In my ZigBee DTH I report an attribute called invalidCode (true/false). This matches what rboy has done in his Enhanced Z-Wave lock DTH. It appears in garyd9’s lock he may also report this type of alert in the attribute alarmMode (“unknown”, “Off”, “Alert”, “Tamper”, “Kick”). I’m not completely sure and unfortunately don’t have a Z-Wave lock to test with.

If that is the case, I’d prefer to have our DTHs line up to make working with your SmartApp simpler. Since I match rboy’s DTH I’d prefer to change garyd9’s handler but we can figure something out.

I tested it on my Schlage Connect. Basic lock/unlock, notifications are working OK but some issues when doing the following:

  1. Disable the user code (I tried the user #3)- It disabled the user but the lock did not work. It disabled the entire keypad. Meaning the Schlage keypad is not responding anymore. When trying to enable the user code #3, the keypad will work again but only user code#1 and #2 will work

  2. Changing the user code (I tried to changed user code #3)- The new code that was entered is not working

By the way, everytime I changed something, I will received an error on my apps.

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I am no longer maintaining or providing support for this app. This app will no longer receive code updates or bug-fixes from me.

This app is in current development.

Ah I have that information wrong.

Apparently the Schlage locks will only send alarm messages to SmartThings in Tamper or Kick alarmMode. That is a setting in the lock itself. I’m not sure if garyd9’s handler reports invalid codes then.

Thanks Erick. I will try the Lock Manager Beta and do some beta test on Schlage Connect.

I installed three Yale nexTouch cylindrical levers with z-wave on my office along with a Samsung SmartThings hub. I downloaded and installed the SmartThings app and added your extension as well. I have 10 employees and plan to expand and I love how it lets me know when the lock was accessed, but it says it was accessed by “user 90” no matter who’s code is entered. Is there a way to determine which user accessed the lock?

First thing Erik might tell you is to move over to the newer version of the app. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s interesting. Could you send me the logs in the IDE on when someone uses the lock?

Here’s what you’d do…

Open the IDE and go to ‘Live logging’ and then let that run. Go to the lock and while it’s locked, enter a valid code and see that it unlocks… then lock it again and use another code, and see that that also unlocks the door.

Then go over to the IDE and click on the specific lock to filter it out for the rest of the chatter.

Copy that output and send it to me. It might give me some insight into what’s going on.

And yes, as jkp said, use the new app. If this is a problem with the old app there won’t be an update from me on it.

Hi. I have recently installed a SmartThings Hub to use with my new Schlage Connect (BE468) electronic lock for a vacation rental property. I need to be able to add and delete codes remotely. I have installed this app and followed all directions, but my first tenant was not able to get in with their personal code that I added remotely, so I had to give them another code which I added manually when the lock was installed. I am not sure why it isn’t working. On the app I can see where they are using the alternative code I gave them. Maybe I did something incorrectly, but I have looked over everything and don’t see how. My smartphone is a Droid Turbo, if that matters.

Welcome to SmartThings. It sounds like you have installed things correctly as you are getting user reports when they open the lock so I’m not exactly sure of your issue. What I would recommend is uninstalling the Lock Code Manager SmartApp and migrating to the new one as this product is no longer supported by the author. You should be able to use the same DTH (device handler) you have installed, but in case there is a change I’d recommend just installing everything from scratch. If you still run into issues feel free to ask in the thread I’ve added below and we’ll do what we can to help.

Thank you. When I click on “Device Handlers” I’m getting the message that I don’t have any device handlers yet, but I know I included one before when I added the User Lock Manager. Am I looking in the wrong place? I’m new to all of this!

If you followed Erik’s instructions, you should have installed the Z-wave reporting lock device type. Did you go into the IDE and make sure your lock is using this device type ?

The device type I have is Z-wave lock with codes.

Therein lies your problem. If you follow the installation instructions, it says that you need to use the included Z-wave lock reporting device type for apps to work.

I looked for that one, but did not see it listed.

It is in Erik’s lock manager git hub along with the apps.

Ok, again, new to all of this. Should I go here:

and paste this under Create New Device Handler?

Thank you for the help!