[OBSOLETE] Lowes Iris and XFinity CentraLite keypad DTH + Apps

what is this from?

Ok I will set up the repo
anyway… everything works pretty well… with SHM and I used Webcore for the panic button

thanks a lot

Is the exit beep tone supposed to automatically sound during the ArmDelay time using ULM without SmartAlarm? According to documentation on first page of this thread it should:
“Support for Exit delay beeps via User Lock Manager”

Using an Xfinity 3400 Keypad with DTH, ULM, and SmartHome that works well, but there are no beeps during the 30 second Arm Delay set in the ULM. In the DTH “length of beep in seconds” is 1. Touching Beep tile does not create any sound at 1, when set to 30 it beeps, but still no automatic exit beeps. Device page shows “EXITDELAY” during the Arm Delay period.

I wrote a small CoRE DO piston that executes setExitDelay(30) and the exit beeps work as expected, but can’t find a way to catch the EXITDELAY state in CoRE.

I’m using a simple CoRE Piston issuing a setEntryDelay(30) when a door sensor opens. Beeps as expected.

Did some research into the ULM code and it issues a setExitDelay(armdelay) that should give a 30 second beep based upon my settings, and shows in the device’s recent activity log. I now realize the device produces a delay tone, but only for 1 second or so, similar to a Beep with length of beep set to 1.

My gut feel is the armdelay parameter needs to be formatted in some manner. So I temp modified the ULM code, tried setExitDelay (30) and setExitDelay(‘30’), but still just a one second tone. Issuing a setExitDelay (30) in CoRE produces the proper duration tone. At this juncture I gave up and restored the original ULM.

  1. Does the exit tone work for anyone using the ULM without SA? It you are using SA does it generate the proper length exit tone?

  2. Does anyone know how to get this to work, and if so would you please post how to do it.

Thank You

This is the code in the ULM I played with
else if (data == “2”) {
//log.debug "sendNightCommand"
if(armDelay && keypadstatus) {
keypad?.each() { it.setExitDelay(armDelay) }
runIn(armDelay, “sendNightCommand”)
message = “${evt.displayName} was armed to ‘Night’ by ${unlockUserName}”

How does the panic button work, I can’t seem to figure it out.

Thanks to BLebson pointing me to the revised Keypad Handler, it now works and I get exit tones using the DTH, Lock Manager, and Smarthome.

Hello :slight_smile: I am very new to this an am trying to get this setup. I have a few questions about how to get this properly working. I installed the iris keypad prior to even learning about this DTH. I did remove and resync the keypad after I installed? this DTH. However, I have not been able to get this to work. I wanted to ask what parameters I should be looking at to change, like keypad code, delay times, and any other things I would need to change??? Also do I have to have the User Lock Manager to use this, or can I just use it as a stand alone???

I did notice that it seems to be acting more like a thermostat because of the temperature being displayed along with up and down arrows located within the same box. When I tap them nothing happens.

after reading all these issues, I’m not sure I want to purchase the iris keypad.

This is the ideal entry way keypad too, kinda disappointed. has anyone had complete success?

Use this smart app with the keypad.

[RELEASE] Keypad Coordinator - Bring out the power of your Keypads

@bamarayne’s handy work!


Yes, I use @ethayer 's User Lock Manager app and it works fine, including working with SHM. About to install my second keypad.

oh, ill definitely read into that.

Is there more than one keypad that will work with smartthings? or is the iris keypad the only one as of now?

I’m using an Xfinity 3400-X (purchased on Ebay) and it now works well. For sofware: the DTH from the beginning of this post with a minor modification, E Thayer’s Lock Manager (not User Lock Manager), three CoRE pistons, a simulated open/close sensor, and Smarthome. Should you prefer, avoid the tweaking by using SmartAlarm.

Piston 1. Provides an entryDelay missing in Smarthome
Piston 2. Followup for Piston 1, triggers the alarm state in Smarthome
Piston 3. Sends a notification/message when alarm state is armed and Front Door sensor is open. Needed since real sensor is no longer monitored by Smarthome.

More info on Piston 1 and 2

I’m not that great with adding new hardware to ST that isn’t integrated, which is easier, the XFinity or IRIS keypads?

They’re exactly the same. Both use the same device type handler and smartapps.

I prefer the look of the Xfinity device. From what I read the Iris devices have various models and firmware versions, some may have battery issues. When buying on Ebay make sure the device has the mounting bracket.

Scroll down for image

Iris Images

I ordered my xfinity keypad today, only a matter of time until I receive it in the mail.

Using Xfinity Keypad, with this DTH, Ethayer lock manager, Smarthome, and my SmartHome Delay SmartApp. On occasion when disarming from the keypad the Android App Dashboard status does not set to off and the following message is issued:

3:20:53 PM: warn SHM armDisarmCheck found semaphore 1502220053260 and not executing off

Anyone know what may be causing this or how to fix it.

My SHM Entry Delay Smart App is found here

I bouth a centralite keypad on ebay but it didnt come with the wall mount. Can anybody post pictures of the wall mount please. I want to see what it looks like so I can maybe design and 3d print one

@JDRoberts saves the day, again. I’ve been using this one out in the open for couple of weeks now, no problems…

CentraLite Keypads - #290 by JDRoberts

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Nice. I just got done with shaving down the inside of a 2 gang outdoor box. Only required 10 min of work with my Dremmel and $8.00

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