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Deadbolt / Lock BE469WKVCAM619 works

(Emerson Vier) #1

Hi This model BE469WKVCAM619 will work with smart Things hub?

(Don) #2

Yes I have the same lock in Satin Nickel finish. Have had no issues since I installed it. Probably my family’s favorite thing I have installed.

I believe there is native support for this lock. I personally use @RBoy software to manage mine.

I use Smart app #1 and Device Handler #4.

If you go with RBOY code you’ll have to pay for it. Some people choose not to. I believe there is a free custom DTH for this lock too. I don’t use that so someone else might be able to point you in that direction.

Hope that helps.

(jkp) #3

The free DTH that Don alluded to can be found in the following posts.

Beta version

older version