Schlage connect lock setup and tips needed!

Brand new here so forgive my ignorance. Done a lot of reading and understand I need a smart app and device handlers to make my schlage connect lock pair with my st hub.

I need to be able to add user codes, and have an easy to view list of lock activity so I can see who is locking/unlocking and when. Supposedly it’s doable according to the smart apps I’ve found but I can’t for the life of me find so much as a screenshot to see what I can expect it to look like.

I’m hoping someone here must have a similar setup, it’s mainly going to be for a dog walker coming in…and keeping track of them. I also noticed there are some paid options which I didn’t expect, thought everything was just shared amongst the community, hopefully there is a free way of accomplishing what I need.

Advice appreciated!


Thanks, no screenshots though, or personal experience? I did discover this in my research and will use it when setting up, but would still like to know what to expect from it.