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Hello all I’m fairly new to home automation , I don’t even own a start things hub yet just an echo and some smart plugs and switches. I’ve been researching a way to get a speaker to welcome me home when i walk in by name.

So far I’ve learned about using LANnouncer and big talker app on an android phone connected via Bluetooth to my echo. So that covers the announcement part, and saves me he money of having to buy an expensive sonos.

Now the next issue is figuring out how to trigger the event. I have ruled out geofences because it’s too big of an area, and I’ve also ruled out door sensors because a. There is no way to determine who is opening the door and b. The welcome home message would play when I open the door from the inside.

So I’m thinking my only option is using a smart lock with a user identification system maybe key pad but I really like kwikset kevo where it unlocks the door just by touching the lock with your phone in your pocket or a keyfob. Unfortunately the smartthings hub isn’t compatible with it.

Can anyone familiar with this kind of set up chime in maybe suggest a good door lock and let me know if what I’m trying to accomplish doable.

Does the smart things app allow for such customazation? From videos I’ve seen it seems like the only controls it offers is lock and unlock does it show who is opening the lock and will it let me trigger an event based on who it detects is opening the door. For example announce me on speaker and turn on lights when I open the lock.

Any help to get me going on this project would be greatly appreciated.

There are a number of different keypad locks that will work with smart things. None that allow you to touch your phone to the lock, but if you’re OK with physically entering the code on the keypad, you can trigger something based on which code was successfully entered. ( the official integration doesn’t recognize individual codes, but there are very popular community – created options that do allow for codes management.)That would probably be the simplest.


As an alternative, you can try the smartthings brand arrival sensor, which has a much smaller range then a phone. Typically 20 to 50 m and each is recognized uniquely. The only problem with that device is it just doesn’t work for everyone as it can be subject to Wi-Fi interference.

A similar idea that may be more reliable but takes a little more set up is to use an I beacon. I use this my house to cover a range of about 10 feet so that it captures my arrival right at the base of the wheelchair ramp at my front door.

So there are definitely things that you can try that will handle presence in different ways.

Wow this was super detailed and helpful I’m going to start doing some research based off of your suggestions now thank you so much

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I discovered this helpful video on the smart lock app

She displayed just how it works and it seems like exactly what I need. I was wondering if you can customize messages or are you stuck with the default ones in the app in the video when the door was unlocked the speaker said message received from user front door opened by Jeff. And this screen shot shows the default options for hello home phrase.

I’d like mine to say welcome home Jeff. I tried looking through the forum dedicated to the app but there so many post to sift through. Thank again for the help

Yes you can have it says specific mesaages. I would reccomend that you install webcore. Its a rule ingine that allows you to automate pretty much everything you ask from it. You will have to add it in the smartthing ide which is pretty simple with help from this forum. I use webcore for pretty much everything. An example of what i use like what you are looking for is i have it tell me my girlfriend has come home when her phones in range and it also says welcome home when i disarm the SHM.

There are so many ways to accomplish this. One would be that the person texts you (or a proxy ##, such as a google hangouts account) when they need to gain entry. They have to enter a particular code as the text.
AutoNotification, via Tasker/Sharptools, reads the code and a) unlocks the door, and b) says ‘hello’ to the name associated with that code coming from that particular phone.

You would need an android control tablet for that… they are cheap nowadays

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Just watch a YouTube video on webcore that looks like you can really change the world with that app thanks great find. Do you know off the top of your head what would the action be called for it to say what ever custom statement when an event is triggered ? Also do you have any demo videos of your setup on YouTube I’d love to see

Ya webcore is pretty much my go to for almost everything.
First you sollect the device you want to use which then gives you commands it can do. I use a fabriq speaker connected with the dlna app gound here in the fotums. Theres a few options from speak text to speak text and resume. I use speak text and resume just in case i am playing music on it so it will keep playing after the message. I would reccomend just looking through the capability of your devices as well. Can help get some wheels turning on what you can do.
I unfortunatly dont have any youtube videos of my setup at the moment. But you can without a doubt find any info you need here on the forums. The feedback you get from fellow community members serpasses any youtube video imho. If you run into problems its likely you can find the answers you are looking for on here. Hadent let me down yet.
Welcome to the community btw!!!

Check the following post and the replies, these guys helped me setup a webcore routine that randomly announces one of thirty different welcome home messages when my wife walks through the door using only geo-location and the doors contact sensor, and it works amazingly well, plays from our living room Google home, and is specific to only her!

It even makes sure she’s “away” for x amount of minutes to prevent false arrivals, and has a delay of x amount of minutes to let her get in the door. And the amount of messages is editable, heck one user is even using it to play from a ton of inspirational messages everyday lol.

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Thank you all so much I’m new to the community but this already feels like home I didn’t realize that I don’t even need to get expensive door locks Geo fencing and door contacts can get the job done that’s good enough for me.

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