Help for a StaplesConnect Transplant?

I removed the Aeotec, and now I can’t seem to get it to pair. :frowning: I’ll try it MUCH closer to my hub. I’m pretty sure my Siren (which was also a repeater) is non-functional right now, which means it might be why the Aeotec isn’t working well, it might be too far from the hub.

I had no plans for the GE45633, it was required to make the ZXT120 work with my old Staples Connect.

The siren is tricky to mess with, since it’s 100dba, and it scares the dog. Seriously, she goes an locks herself in the bathroom. I’ll see if I can get to messing with it Saturday when I can put her outside for a few hours.

Thanks for the links to the Wiki I’ll be playing with Lock Manager. Seems like it will get almost all of the features I was looking for on the lock.

Also found this to get the camera’s in the app: Still need to find a better way (Blue Iris is still on the radar I guess)

The only thing I’ve got left on my list is:

  • The Remote sensors for the Ecobee pickup the motion sensors in the “Smart Home Monitor”, but the motion sensors in the Ecobee itself do not. Thoughts?
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