I Need A Easy Fix, Budget 60.00, Taking in "Harvey" family and need access codes outside

We are taking in a family possibly for a month due to the recent storm. Is Iris number keypad easy to configure for routines and to install outside??

  1. I wouldn’t recommend it for outside.

  2. I recommend a simple hardware key-safe / box for your guest family

  3. and then an Iris Keypad or ActionTiles (with PIN protected Tile) for alarm management and other Routines.

These are reliable, secure, and weatherproof (there is a version with a rubber cover integrated):

I guess there are “clones” now:


There’s been so many great stories about people helping out others during this disaster, it’s been really heartening. I hope the people you are helping have not suffered too much.

There are quite a few community members using the Iris keypad outdoors in a sheltered location or an enclosure box, but obviously it makes a big difference if you live in San Francisco or if you live in Minneapolis!

@bamarayne has done a lot with these keypads (he’s got about a dozen kids :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), and he should be able to say more.

I’m a little confused about what it is you’re actually trying to accomplish, however. When you say you want to run routines from the outside keypad, what would the routines be doing? And do you currently have a smart lock?


Been running the iris outside successfully for couple of months with an enclosure. It is easy to pair and there are several apps around to get you started. PM me if you need to get it set up.


A major benefit to the low tech (key safe key box) solution I offered is 100% reliability, even in a region that may experience frequent power outages. I presume these are likely during rebuilding efforts.

I love SmartThings, my Schlage Connect Z-Wave keypad lock (battery powered), and ActionTiles, and the super clever functionality built onto the IRIS Keypad… But on day #1 I installed a key safe for backup and to ensure that I could let a friend or neighbor into my home via text or voice message, to take care of my dogs or other emergency.

Low tech is super valuable.


Absolutely, and a low tech keysafe as a “Plan B” is a very good suggestion. But it doesn’t mean that the keypad doesn’t have value as well as a “Plan A.” :wink:

Another option that may work for a month is the ST presence fob? Or install the ST app on their phone too so that you can react to presence. And for backup, a hard key - that they carry on them, on the keychain? If you plan on disabling the alarm from an Iris keyboard, you can use an enclosure outside or place the Iris inside and use a DTH for the door contact that will be used for entry that delays the event by some 40s, during which they can disable the alarm? I think such DTHs exist, if not, I’ll make one for you.


But OP’s (@Okay) total budget is $60.00…

At ~$25 for the key safe; he must choose the other components wisely too.

Yea I have the schlage with Arlo cameras, and thermostat that would need to be changed, mode to home and disarm system. I was hoping to just have a code that was entered and it would work like my daughters aoetec push button “blank is home”. Another code for good bye. Or maybe easier just to lend them my dogs presence Sensor for there car for goodbye. I do like the outdoor cover idea.


The input of a particular “unlock code slot” of your Schlage lock can trigger a Routine(s) (or CoRE piston if the actions are beyond what a Routine can do…).

That saves you from the cost of adding an IRIS keypad.

You can even program in an additional code to the Lock to trigger the “good-bye” Routine (i.e., close the door, lock it, enter the good-bye code which will unlock the lock momentarily, then lock it again).

At some point, of course, a few extra dollars are worth spending in order to reduce complexity. Though it could be argued that fewer devices are “a good thing”. Since you already have the Schlage Connect Lock, which already will be used with PIN codes to enter the home, this, at first glance, is streamlined solution.


I agree, just using the key code on the Schlage lock makes a lot of sense. You can even have different peoples codes run different routines. :sunglasses:

As far as the Plan B, you can get a locking key case for about $10 as long as you have a good place to hide it.

I have a friend who has one of the $6 magnetic ones intended for cars painted the same color as the inside of his mailbox and stuck in there. It’s pretty much invisible unless you know to look for it. Anyone using it is told to pretend they’re taking mail out of the mailbox so it won’t be obvious to an onlooker that there was a key in there.

Obviously the heavy duty $30 key safes are better for long-term use. But the cheaper ones will meet the needs of some people as well. :sunglasses:

But in this particular case, I agree, just using the existing smart lock makes the most sense.

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The key code on the schlage lock seems perfect. How could I make that happen.
Appreciate all the ideas.

You can do it with the very popular free smart app, lock manager. :sunglasses:


That looks perfect. Thank you. I am going to try to accomplish it on Saturday.
Thank all of you for your time.


Last night I was able to click onto user guide and it would take to threw the proper steps. However today when I try it the page is not available do you know another way I can access step by step instructions?

You’ll get the quickest answers to any questions about that specific smartapp if you ask in the author’s thread. The author will automatically get notified when new posts are added and anyone else using the code may also be able to help. :sunglasses: