Kwikset deadbolt - Lock/unlock is really all I can do?

We have the Kwikset 914 electronic deadbolt on our front door. It’s great to know when it’s locked and unlocked. We don’t really use the capability to lock or unlock it remotely from the SmartThings app.

But is that really all??? The Kwikset page about remote access implies that I can or could not only add and delete entry codes, but even set up schedules that limit their validity, remotely.

It’s an enormous nuisance to have to disassemble the lock (3 microscopic screws that are easily lost) just to add or delete an entry code for the repairman who’s coming. Is SmartThings considering add more functionality to the SmartApp for these Kwikset locks?


-Doug in Seattle

Read this thread please:

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That’s fabulous, thank you! I can’t wait to install it later today when I’m no longer, uh, supposed to be working.

Please tell me (seriously), given my original question, how or where could I / should I have searched to find this answer for myself?



Search for the item you are trying to use or have problems with in this forum. There is usually a good chance that you are not the only one with that issue and someone is working on a solution.

Also here is another place with good information:

I’m installing Lock Manager by carefully following the User Guide. I’m at the “Installing on Platform” step. In the SmartThings app on an iPhone, it wants me to go to Marketplace/SmartApps and scroll down to "My Apps, " expected to be the last entry on the menu. I don’t have a “My Apps” in the list. But I think I followed the instructions correctly for installing the apps from GitHub. Suggestions? Thank you! -Doug

BTW I read the posts about publishing on the wrong shard and I’m not sure they’re applicable. All the web pages about my hub and devices etc including the screenshot below show

Make sure you are not on Things and are on SmartApps. Scroll all the way down. It’s there.

I am definitely on the SmartApps tab and not on Things. I’ve checked on 2 devices, an iPhone and an iPad, and My Apps isn’t there. The last entry is “+ More >”.

Thank you for the reminder, however! I did go double-check again.


Does it matter that the iPhone and iPad on which I’m looking for My Apps both belong to another user on the account? I can’t set this up on my own device because, as far as I can tell, there’s no Marketplace section or equivalent in the deprecated Windows Phone app that lists available SmartApps.

Just FYI for anyone who runs into the same problem - I didn’t see My Apps initially because a different user on my/our account was logged in on the iPhone and iPad where I was checking. After I logged out and logged back in as myself, I found the My Apps section and was able to install the Lock Manager app without a problem.

Thanks, everyone, for your help and suggestions.


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