New to SmartThings - Help with Schlage Lock

I installed a Schlage Camelot Connect lock and have the SmartThings Hub v2. I’ve got them working together, using SmartThings Classic app and can create/edit codes, lock, unlock, etc. How do I set it up to alert me via my iPhone when the door is opened/closed? Should I be using a different app?


Use a contact sensor on the door also.
That’s what I did at least.

But that wouldn’t tell me what code was used, right?

The stock Smart Locks tools won’t do this; you’d need to install a Lock Manager app from ethayer (free)
or RBoy (paid but includes their whole suite and customer support). The free one has been working well for me.


The contact sensor will tell you when the door is opened or closed.

A Lock Manager smart app of some sort will allow you to find out which code (and/or presence sensor, if you choose to go that route) unlocked the lock.

The combination of smart lock plus door sensor allows all sorts of things.

  • you can have Webcore keep the lock unlocked as long as the door is open.
  • you can have a ‘simulated’ lock that depends on both the door being closed AND the lock being locked to indicate that you are secure (or not).
  • you can have the lock automatically re-lock itself after X minutes if it has been unlocked, but the door has remained closed.
  • you can have the fact that a valid code or presence sensor unlocked the door turn off Smart Home Monitor so you don’t need a separate security keypad.
  • you can schedule codes/sensors to only be valid at certain times, on certain days.

The only reason I got Smartthings in the first place was because I had gotten the Schlage lock as a convenience, and wanted to program it intelligently. lol

Lock Manager API is for integrating your lock with property management systems using REST API. This is the app @MarkTr was referring to (LUM), it can do everything you’re looking for including differentiate between an external keypad unlock/lock, manual lock/unlock and a code based lock/unlock amongst other things. Check out the release notes if a full list of features.

You can use SmartLocks and LUM side by side. SmartLocks has an interesting auditing feature that shows the history of code usage and lock states. LUM can program advanced codes, notify and take actions using door sensors and other devices and sends updates to SmartLocks so you have a history of usage for ready reference.