Schlage door lock, which smart app?

So there seems to be a few different smart apps and a device handler for door locks. Which is the best for Schlage locks? I know there is a one time fee for RBoys and I have no problems paying if it’s the best one. So much info to go through that I was hoping to get some opinions from the community and what they experienced good or bad.

I recommend this one. The description has a link for the Schlage DTH.


That was the one I was leaning to try first. The only issue I see is that it doesn’t seem to be able to set the alarm modes on the Schlage lock. One of the things I would like to do is set the alarm mode depending if what time of day, if nobody is home or we are on vacation. Otherwise it looks very good.

Those are interesting points. That said, what it does it does very well. It was the difference-maker in my front door configuration.

I installed the app 2 weeks ago and there’s alarm mode in the upper left hand corner in the app.

Was it just status or can you set it? Unless I missed it there is no mention about the alarm mode in the features list or anywhere else. I’ll give it a shot anyways.

I have been using RBoys DH and Smart App for several months and they work well with my Shlage (BE469), and I like the fact that they are constantly updating and enhancing the code/functionality


I vote @RBoy as well. Love his Smart Apps and Device Handlers. Lots of updates to keep it current and he is always on the forums answering questions.

Plus - he wrote a GREAT commercial stripper for Windows Media Center a long time ago that I bought, so I had some past experience!


Thanks guys. I have the be469 as well. Since I have the lock already added to ST do I need to remove it before I install the manager and re-add it again? I recall reading in RBoys installation about making sure you reset the lock first.

I’ve been using LockManager for Schlage Z-Wave lever keypad. It’s been buggy when trying to set new codes. I’ve tried to set new codes with the app and it saves the code, but then sometimes the codes don’t work. I can’t to figure out why.

Another issue is when trying to save a code in slots 20 to 30. The app has 30 slots for door codes but beware b/c the lock itself only allows for 19 codes. I realized this after unsuccessful attempts set codes for slots above 19. The error that the app gives is “err controller failed to set code” but doesn’t tell you why.

Another issue: I’m not sure if it’s the app or the lock’s fault but I’ve an issue with the Schlage lock intermittently going completely unresponsive where you press any button incl. the Schlage button and no light or beep even with new batteries. This was temporary, lasting maybe an hour or two. This was while there were codes in slots 20-30 so I’m not sure if it was b/c of this. I’ve read that the lock periodically “polls” each code to make sure it’s valid. So maybe it goes dead when it hits one of these invalid codes? I haven’t had it go dead since clearing slots 20 to 30. On the other hand, it may be that the locks lever is sometimes disengaging the connection between the keypad and the battery.