Lock app idea- enabled/disabled lock codes w/o deleting codes & for specific times

I have a Schlage BE469- CAM 716 deadbolts with the new samsung hub and am primarily using the smartthings classic app (because it’s somehow oddly superior to the newest smartthings app which I also have), so…

What I’d like to be able to do is to have individual specific lock codes scheduled to be enabled/disabled at specific times of day automatically without adding/deleting codes.

Ex: Jane needs access to the home in the day, but does NOT at night… at the same time… Sara needs access to the home at night but but does NOT at all in the day… But Megan & Kim need access 24/7/365 regardless. Without adding/deleting codes.

In other words,

I need an app to allow Jane AND Sara access ONLY for their specified but different time periods which I choose and for none other, while still allowing Megan & Kim access all day/night?

If I could specify days/week/month as well as times (like setting a calendar event on you phone: John’s code automatically activates May 3rd at 3pm, and automatically deactivates May 14th at 10am), that would be even better.

Why is this great?
Access for the whole family/owner always while allowing only appropriate access for nanny/maintenance man/ utility service/ cleaners/ dog walker/ guests/ neighbor/ customers/ etc at your discretion… or disable all codes while away on vacation- Without deleting/adding codes.

Just check out @RBoy’s Apps.

He produces the most powerful lock code management SmartApp.


Thanks for that tgauchat.

Sorry to ask,
Are these add-on apps I can find in smartapps? I’m not seeing a search option in the classic app to find them. …if not, how do I get them added to my classic app, or are they stand alone phone apps?

Is there additional cost involved?

There is an additional cost for Rboy’s apps. You pay a one time license of about $40 and it gives you access to everything in his library. There are also some free smart apps you can try, but at this point I personally think that Rboy is the best choice for keypads and locks. An excellent set of features, covers a large number of different models, and their support is also good.

If you’d like to look at some of the free options, check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, and look down the page for the smartapp section. There’s a list there for locks.


If you haven’t investigated using custom code before, you might start by reading the following FAQ, as it will explain both the terminology and the basic concepts. But it’s pretty simple, basically you find code you want to use, you copy it, and you paste it into your own account. :sunglasses:

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Thanks JD & Terry.
@GPM the premium version of LUM has all the features you’re looking for (and more to come). You can find a detailed list of all the features including the scheduling you were asking about (currently upto 3 schedules per day/week per user):

You can also get creative with other types of codes like presence or mode based codes so that some codes only work when you’re at home or are away.


I do this with ETHAYER’s Lock Manager. no cost.

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