Schlage BE469 Camelot Zwave ongoing issues and questions

I’ve had successes and failures using this lock with SmartThings. Currently it’s working somewhat well, but in limited fashion. So the story, interspersed with questions.

First question: when ST first discovers this lock, which device handler does it use?

I ask that because in order to get some increased functionality I tried a couple times to utilize another device handler… with less success. Currently mine is using the standard “Z wave lock” handler. But it works less well than it did at first, before I tried to change handlers.

Here here are the things I wish to accomplish.

  1. Lock immediately if the front door contact sensor is closed, and stay unlocked if the contact sensor is open.

This worked perfectly until I tried a different device handler, at which point it got stupid. It has not worked properly since, regardless of device handler. If I can just get back to that I’ll be happy.

  1. Have two access codes in the lock itself, and have other codes in software such that those codes become valid only under certain circumstances (example: a service comes to clean the house every other Thursday). So I want my code and my wife’s code to be in the lock, always available regardless of whether ST is running or not - and then have any/all other codes be stored in ST.

It was my attempt to put codes in software that led to the device handler change, which led to things not working.

Now that I’m playing with webcore, I see I can do actions based on which code# opens the lock. So I’d again like to try to expand its usage. Can anyone answer the first question - and can anyone provide hints on how to get where I want to be?

I have 3 of those locks and they work pretty well.

The DTH I use is:
Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock

The SmartApp I use is:
Lock Manager by @ethayer

For auto-locking you might want to look at this:

I would not lock the door immediately after closing. These are the settings I use which work pretty well for me:

One reason not to autolock right away is that it uses battery so it would cut down battery usage if you lock the door yourself when entering. When I leave I always press the Schlage button as I like to hear it close (yeah we all know how 100% reliable ST is :wink: ). Also it is super annoying to have to key in the code each time you forgot something…

…anyhow I am slowly moving away from individual smartapps in favor of webCore so even though this smartapp has been quite reliable, I plan on replacing it with a piston for further customization!

I believe all your issues and needs will be resolved with the above DTH and smartapps.

EDIT: Corrected link to DTH (I accidentally linked to the old version, not what I was actually using). Would be nice if DTHs had a github link in their comments section… Thanks @jkp for catching the mistake.

The app I was using was the Thayer User Lock Manager - last update apparently 6/24/2016
And I think I was using the garyd9 DTH.

I would not recommend using the lock dth listed above. It is extremely out of date. Instead use the newer and modified version of garyd’s dth on ethayer’s guthub page…

I just updated the old version from the repository. It now says ‘edited’ in the Status field.

Do I have to re-publish the DTH? Or am I good to go?

Yes, click publish for me and that will remove the edited status.

If you are looking to expand your SmartThings universe, you can look into linking github to your dth and smart apps to know when a new version has been uploaded to github. Then you can manually update in IDE so you don’t have to go through the process of copying/pasting.

Ok, I did this… and now I cannot open ST or the IDE.
Getting internal server errors on IDE, and the ST app just hangs.

EDIT; it’s back to working. Never mind.

There were some issues with the ST cloud.

Ahhh, this is what I had hoped back when I first tried setting it up. Almost.

  • The codes that I have in the first two slots in the lock itself work correctly.
  • The codes in the Lock Manager smartapp load and unload from the lock on schedule, and operate the lock correctly.
  • The lock auto-locks when the door’s contact sensor closes. I might build that function in webcore with a delay of a couple seconds… or not because it works perfectly now.

My one wish would be this: the lock has a 30-second auto lock built in. I’d love to find some way for that to remain enabled, while having it be overridden by ST. That way should ST be offline, the lock would still auto-lock after 30 seconds.

You should post your desired function in the Lock Manager thread. Maybe @ethayer can tell you have to do it or possibly bulid the feature into his app. :slight_smile: