New Kwikset 916s (from 12/2017) won't accept codes from lock manager

Sad. Kwikset 916 locks do not accept codes from lock manager app. My older 916 and 910s from April 2017 work fine. But I bought two more 916 locks from Kwiket recently, and these two new locks do not accept the codes. I simply added the locks to lock manager like any other lock, and they’re stuck in “refreshing” mode and never get the codes. Is there a code upgrade or something to lock manager? I’m sad my front door’s lock won’t accept the codes of my other older 916/910 locks.

Hmmm. I think I found a work-around. Smart things came out with a “Lock Code Manager” app that works with the newer 916 locks (but not the older ones that work with your Lock-manager app). So I have two lock managers. Yours and the smart things one. Yours is better - but it doesn’t work with newer locks. Sad.

zigbee or z-wave?


I just purchased the Kwikset 916 three weeks from Amazon. After installing it I used this [RELEASE] Lock Manager app without any issues. Does that mean I have the newer version 916 and Smart App? I’m just curious.

If your 916 lock is accepting codes from the 11/2016 version of lock manager (located in the “automation/SmartApps” section of the mobile phone app), then I would guess that you have an older model of the 916 lock (like late 2016 or early 2017.) Because if you had a NEWER 916 lock, this lock-manager SmartApp would NOT work, but instead Samsung’s “Smart-Locks” app would. Smart-Locks is located on the bottom of the Dashboard under "Home Solutions. It’s not in the “Smart Apps” section at all.

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I am new to this whole SmartThings App, hub, etc.
I keep reading about the Lock Manager but I have no clue how to find it and add it to my phone app. Can someone please dumb this down for me and help me to set this up.

Thank you in advance