[Depricated] Lock Code Manager

This app broke my auto-lock when the sensor says the door has closed.
I’ll have to remind my wife to manually lock the door until I figure it out. Anyone know why this occurred?

In the meantime, what are some of the options about? For example, keypad settings?

I’m not sure why the autolock could be failing. My only recommendation would be to click on SmartApps from your lock, click the auto lock app you created and run through it as if you are recreating it. If you are using CoRE, make sure the piston is running or try rebuilding it.

The keypad stuff is for keypads you mount to a wall. They are often used for things like alarm codes. One example is the iris keypad.

After three hours of futzing with this, I have decided that messing with my front door will wait until after the holidays. Sooo… with the new device driver, I at least get some more info from the lock than before. So there is at least some benefit.


I was able to see the app on the smarthing. I tried adding codes to two users and the schlage camelot touchscreen lock doesn’t take the two codes. I am not sure what I did wrong. :frowning:


I have the Schlage FE599NX CAM 619 and am finding that the battery is draining fast. Noticed that the lock is being polled every minute (or more). Is there a way to decrease the poll time to every hour or more (if a change is not detected)?

It will poll every 2 minutes if the lock DTH’s codes and the lock manager app’s codes do not match. This will always happen for unconfigured codes so be sure to not have any users left unconfigured. If you only need 2 codes set the user number to 2.

This is fixed in the new lock code release by ethayer.

Good catch. I thought I deleted both the user and the code, but looks like just the code. BETA looks good as well - will give that a try.

No luck - deleted unused users and still polling every 2 minutes (including resetting code usage). 4 slots and 4 users and I am still seeing consistent polling. Will move to the BETA to see if this helps. Thanks.

Hopefully last one on this. Discovered that I had two users that were not enabled in the user settings (they were set up, had a code, but the enabled switch was off). Apparently when they are not enabled, it will poll for each user every 2 minutes (I was getting two poll events every 2 minutes). I deleted the two users that were not enabled and it is not polling any more (at least after 15 minutes).

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For those using ZigBee locks, I have released a newer version of my Universal Enhanced Zigbee Lock with Lock Codes. Upgrade at your soonest convenience.

I’m having issues with routines running. I have it set to run a I’m home routine in the app but setting it for each individual as well as the global setting it does nothing. It won’t run the routine when I unlock with the keypad even though it States unlocked with slot…

Any ideas?

I just reverted back to the regular Z-wave lock device type for my Schlage Connect lock. The custom handler just isn’t working for some reason, and 'tis NOT the season to be messing with that particular functionality… I can live with entering/deleting codes manually at the lock for the time being. I can’t live with being unable to get into my house lol

hello again guys
i’m stuck - i have the 3rd kwikset 910 lock installed and it appears to work fine manually, but codes cannot be programmed by the smart app nor can i check the status of the lock nor can i get any push alerts except for door locked - all other alerts including unlocked are not working. any advice please? thanks!

You don’t have any manually programmed codes on the lock do you? That what was causing everything to fall apart for me.

coz: yes i have one manually created code - i read earlier in the thread that you can’t get digital codes to work until after you have created one manual code first. is this not correct? thanks!

Does anyone now if this works with Kwikset 916? Was thinking about purchasing one of these from Home Depot. Thanks!

Both the ZigBee and Z-Wave versions of the Kwikset 916 are officially supported.

I’m not sure where you read that. But, I had a code manually programmed into the lock and had to delete the code manually from the lock and then re-add the code from the Smart Things app and everything is now working as it should.

hi coz
i was told you had to break the seal and enter a manual code to make space for the digital codes. please tell me how to remove a manual code as the instruction sheet that came with the lock only tells me how to add a code, thanks!

You have your “Master programming code” still? Because if you lost that, you are out of luck, you won’t be able to do anything with that lock at all.