New to Smartthings, need help

I am not a developer and new to all this. I have a Schlage Connect lock system and Smartthings hub, and want to download and install Lock Manager. I need to be able to create and delete entry codes from remote locations. Can someone give me detailed instructions on how to accomplish this? I have read some of the postings on the subject and done a lot of clicking around, but am not having success. I really need some parental guidance. Thanks.

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This will give you an overview of how to use custom code. (This is a clickable link)

Once you understand the general process, you can ask any specific questions about a particular smart app in the author’s thread for that smart app. The author will be automatically notified when you post to that thread and other people using the same code may also be able to help.

In this case:

In addition, you might also find the following helpful:

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JD, Thank you for your response, and I apologize for my denseness here, but I am still getting nowhere. I signed up for a Github account, then began to go through the steps in the “How To Install User Guide Version 1.1” for Lock Manager. When I then login to the SmartThings IDE, the guide says:

  1. From the IDE, click on “My SmartApps”
  2. Click "Enable GitHub Integration”

When I click on “My SmartApps”, the screen that comes up says I have no SmartApps (which is correct), but there is no "Enable GitHub Integration” choice on the screen. This is a dead end for me. Either something has changed and the guide needs updating, or I am messing up somehow. (I think I know which it is.)

Can you please take some pity on a tech dummy, and help me out here? I am willing to engage in any form of communication. Email, phone call, text, snail mail, telegram, smoke signals, whatever. It is important that I get remote lock code creation/deletion capability on my Schlage Connect very soon. Sorry for being a nuisance. Thanks again.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: You will get the quickest answer if you ask in the author’s thread for the code you are trying to install. The author will be automatically notified when new posts are added to the thread, and other people who are using the same code should also be able to help.