Yale assurance lock YRD226ZW2619

I have a V2 hub and I am running the classic app.
I’m looking for people that have this specific lock. Thinking about getting this one. I want to know if there are any surprises or things I should know about this lock before I buy it.

  1. What smart apps are you using with it?
  2. Any issues with getting it connected to Smartthings?
  3. Are you glad you went with this one?
  4. If Smartthings is suffering an outage, can I still control this lock using the Yale app?

Any insight or thoughts would be appreciated.

Yale assurance YRD226ZW2619

I know they make a keyless one, but I don’t want that one. I want to have the option to use a key as backup.

I do not own this particular model of the lock but can answer 3 of yours questions.

  1. You can use the ST Smark Locks Smart app, @RBoy Lock User Management Smart app or @ethayer Lock Manager Smart app.
  2. It should connect with either the z-wave or zigbee module.
  3. If there is an outage, you can use the keypad on the lock. There is no Yale app since the device connects to your hub if you purchase only the z-wave or zigbee module. If the August module is available for this model of the Yale lock then you can use August Connect app but not ST