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(Zack Cornelius) #1007

Sadly, the fix for the battery drain issue on the Iris keypads is:

Get or find someone with an Iris hub v2, and pair the keypad to it for ~30 minutes for a firmware update.

So far, I haven’t found any indication that Smartthings can do a firmware update for a community device type, so the updates have to come from an Iris hub v2 for now.

There’s much more discussion of these keypads here:

(Bobby) #1008

@mitchp… Thank you!

Update…I dont know why it flipped my pic…

(Simone Bruno) #1009


My batteries died pretty quickly as well… I was thinking about buying rechargable ones. I found some at 3.7V the ones that came with the keypad are 3.0V… Can I use the 3.7V ones?



(Zack Cornelius) #1010

Generally for the price of a decent pair of rechargable lithium batteries and a charger, it’s actually just cheaper to go on ebay and find a Lowes Iris Hub v2 (Mine cost about $25, with free shipping), and do the firmware update that fixes the battery drain issues.

(Tim Moore) #1011

I’ve searched for this and coming up blank so hoping someone can help on this… I found what I thought was the Centralite Xfinity Keypad on ebay and purchased it. Trying to install it today and when pairing it wouldn’t identify it as Centralite, only as “thing”. I went in to IDE and change the device handler to Centralite. Shows unarmed, temp, and sees motion sensing. Network light lit and green status light but won’t allow me to arm/disarm etc. I tried repairing several times with same result. Started looking more closely and it appears the unit I bought is made by Universal Electronics, not Centralite. A newer version perhaps? Anyone run in to this and is it possible to get it working with this device handler or am I SOL? Any help appreciated!

(Arn B) #1012

I understand your frustation. Keypads are supported by the Community, there is no official Smarthings support for a keypad.

Use the DTH at miriad/Centralite-Keypad/master, or you may get it at this link:

Along with these two SmartApps

  1. Lock Manager (includes keypad support)
  2. Smarthome Exit and Entry Delay

Hopefully should get you up and running. I’m using this exact setup with an Xfinity/Centralite Keypad.

(Joel W) #1013

@mitchp I was going around the house calibrating my devices for temperature. When I got to the keypad I found that the temperature offset didn’t have a “Minus” offset, only a “Plus” for temperature. I believe I have the latest code from Github. What am I missing? The section of the code I am referring to is this below.
private getTemperature(value) {
def celcius = Integer.parseInt(value, 16).shortValue() / 100
if(getTemperatureScale() == “C”){
return celcius
} else {
return celsiusToFahrenheit(celcius) as Integer

private Map getTemperatureResult(value) {
log.debug 'TEMP’
def linkText = getLinkText(device)
if (tempOffset) {
def offset = tempOffset as int
def v = value as int
value = v + offset
def descriptionText = "${linkText} was ${value}°${temperatureScale}"
return [
name: ‘temperature’,
value: value,
descriptionText: descriptionText

(Arn B) #1014

Try -n. Tested with -5 and it worked for me, but had to tap the reset icon a few times for it to show.

(Joel W) #1015

I would, but the IOS keypad when it pops up for this has no - sign available. Normally in the code is a blue + or - option.

(Arn B) #1016

Click the gear in upper right corner. Offset field should show

(Joel W) #1017

Yes it does but can’t get a minus to show.

(Joel W) #1018

Even tried my wife’s phone and the minus is missing. I think this is missing in code.
value = v - offset

(Joel W) #1019

Tried adding this to code, no luck. Not like other DTH where you get an option. Maybe Mitch will see this.

(Bernie H) #1020

It works fine on my Android. Just checked it. :slight_smile: Maybe try an Android device?

(Mark) #1021

You may have more luck with the newer version of the device handler that @zcorneli released, there’s a link to that DTH’s thread earlier in this thread.

I updated my original DTH that Mitch developed to the newer one when I started using @arnb’s SHM delay smartapp.

The newer version of the device handler also doesnt seem to have an option for negative temp offset, on iOS at least (I just checked my own). But you’re more likely to get a response in that thread. His profile page says Mitch hasn’t been to this forum in like a year.

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(Joel W) #1022

I didn’t realize I am using that DTH, so I have posted there also. I never needed the offset for this until now.

(Arn B) #1023

Works properly in Android.
By any chance does this work?

(Mark) #1024

Yeah I thought about something like that actually, but that lower left key is just blank in the iOS app. See screenshot.

(Joel W) #1025

No the flyout menu only has the comma and period. This is annoying.

(Arn B) #1026

It seems this is something that has to be changed in the IOS SmartThings app.