Schlage Camelot Pairing Issues

Actually afddd a 2nd Schlage Connecf to the house today. I guess I’m a gluten for punishment :slight_smile:

Anyway- this one went off without a hitch following the advice on his thread. Thanks again!

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I hope it didn’t cost you a lot of dough.

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Ha. Darn auto correct.

Your answer here should be officially posted on the ST, Samsung, and Schlage websites!

My experience varied slightly in that it did not show the device had been found while using the new Smartthings app for iOS. But viewing the the activity log through the IDE revealed that it had worked. Also then had trouble figuring out how to install the Smart Locks app that’s so popular before doing some digging and learning about the current gaps between the new app and the original “Classic” app. I have the new 3rd gen hub so went with the new app initially, but may stick with the prior classic app for awhile until a more significant portion of the functionality from classic has made its way over. Using the classic iOS app I had no trouble adding the Smart Locks smart app and it works great now.

Thanks again!

Is this a separate app? How can you manage codes once it’s connected to Smartthings?

There are three apps available:

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Lock Manager API is for users / developers who want to integrate SmartThings lock and user management with their third party property management systems.

The end user Lock User Managment app for SmartThings is here:

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Please help. I have tried all the above in getting my lock to pair. I have the Camelot schlage and codes work perfectly but can not get it to pair so i can control opening and closing by cell phone. I have excluded, reset, restarted my phone, restarted my modem, restarted the smartthings hub. Changed batteries. One time it actually did transfer the key. It worked 4 days and then it was disconnected or unresponsive. Did all the suggestions above including excluding the device and tried to reconnect, and now i can’t get it connect again. I continually receive the message that it failed to transfer the key so may not work, and of course it doesnt work. I just cannot figure out what to do…is it my internet speed? (Roughly 160 download). I have placed the hub right next to the lock. I have moved the modem right next yo the lock also.

Given that the lock is disconnecting we need to consider the distance from the lock to the nearest powered Z-Wave device, whether a light switch or the hub. Usually when locks become disconnected its because they’re on the fringe of their wireless range. I always recommend having a powered Z-Wave device that supports beaming within 10 or so feet from the lock. That could be the hub (if you can keep it close enough), a GE Z-Wave wall switch or dimmer, or even an Iris Smart Plug (if you connect the Z-Wave repeater built in). Beaming allows the (powered) device closest to the lock to buffer messages sent to the lock so that when the lock wakes up to check they are still stored and ready to be delivered.

You will probably still need to re-pair the lock to get it connected again, but lets confirm the distance issue before trying again.

Thank you. So what would be the easiest solution for this. Currently the hub is about 20 feet away. Should i buy the new hub v3? Or the iris smart plug or a switch? Not really handy electrically.

I do have a samsung smart plug would that work,?

20 feet shouldn’t be an issue unless you have some walls between your hub and your lock? And is your hub right next to your router?

I know that z wave isn’t affected as much as ZigBee by wifi, but giving them space might help.

I would also do the factory reset of your lock along with the exclusion. The security in these things make them kind of a pain in the ass. This exact lock is the first thing I ever added to my hub when I got one and I almost just gave up on the whole smart home stuff because of it.

I ended up factory reseting my lock a few times, along with exclusion and then touching my hub to my lock for it to pair.

If your plug is zwave it should work.

No you don’t need to change anything out. You probably need a ZWave repeater with beacon capability between your ST hub and your lock.

These things are finicky to pair because of the security key, I’ve found that just a few feet matters.

  1. install a ZWave hard wired repeater (like a switch or an outlet) close to the lock. (I have the light switch for my porch light doing this) and make sure it’s added to your network and operates correctly.
  2. install NEW batteries in the lock (prevent signal strength issues)
  3. follow the Schlage instructions to factory reset the lock (a surprisingly high number of users found this fixed them…)
  4. get a LONG network cable and extension cord and get. Your ST hub online as close to the lock as possible (within 5 ft. If you can) (distance matters for secure pairing with key exchange)
  5. start the general device exclusion for the hub and run the lock through its exclude routine (its in the lock manual)

At this point your lock should be in absolutely prime condition to pair…

  1. attempt to add the lock.

If that doesn’t work, call schlage for help.

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Ok thanks. Will try this tomorrow. No walls between the hub and the lock, but hub is 2 feet from router.

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You want a specific ZWave repeater - one that supports beaconing.

@JDRoberts has a great explanation somewhere about why Beaconing ZWave repeaters are preferred in this situation… Unfortunately I can’t seem to locate it at the moment.

In any case, Linda, the Samsung outlet is zigbee, so it won’t do anything to help the Schlage lock’s ZWave signal.

That’s why I recommended the Iris Smart Plug. It can plug in anywhere with no electrician needed, can be used to control something, plus has a Z-Wave repeater that supports beaming. These can be had at Lowe’s right now for aroudn $22 which makes them probably the cheapest option right now.

20 feet shouldn’t be an issue in open air, direct line of sight. Once you put some walls and/or doors in between that gets a little marginal which is likely why the lock only sdtays connected for a short period of time.

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Beaming, beaconing, its just words… Man, I need more coffee. :slight_smile:

The Lowes Iris 3210-L Yep I have 3 of them strategically placed through my home. Great device. (Once you get it paired)


Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all for the help. This had been an issue for over a year and i would look online, try this, try that and sometimes it would work and sometimes not. Gone thru many many batteries. Called schlage and since it wasn’t their app wouldn’t help. With your help, i purchased one of those zwave plugs and voila… instant pairing… it worked on first try. I just hope it lasts… thank you so much. So glad i joined and wrote. You have saved me so much frustration.


Well this worked for 4 days and then went off line and nite i can’t connect again. So very frustrating… tested my internet speed, changed batteries, have the hub right next to the door. Any other suggestions