Problem adding Yales lock to the hub

Last week, 2 of my locks (Yales T1L & August) was not responding from the app. I notice they are both offline, after removing it from the hub, I can’t add them back in. I try the general device exclusion and resetting the hub but with no success. Both lock show that it is successfully added to the hub but the app won’t show the device, it just keep spinning on the Add a Thing page. The light on the hub is flashing green but it won’t stop even I get out of Add a Thing page. I have to reset the hub (need to remove the batteries) for the green light to stop flashing. I know it is discovered by the hub because if I go to general device exclusion and it will find an unknown device to be removed. It is also confirmed by the lock that it is successfully removed.
I thought it might be the locks are having problem. I purchased 2 new Yales assure lock. One of them after adding, removing (general device exclusion) for about 9 times, I finally able to see it on the app and able to control it. The 2nd assure lock is not able to add to the hub. It go through the same problem like my old lock. The lock will report successful in adding to the hub but the app won’t show the device and get stuck on Add a thing page. General device exclusion will remove it. There is 1 time I am able to add this lock in and I can’t control it because it show " * networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_FAILED" in the data line on the IDE.
I have called Samsung support, he told me the problem is that I am using custom device handlers and I need to remove all of them. He said after I did that then the problem might go away. I don’t think I am going to do that especially I am able to add one of the lock into the hub.
I am not sure what to do next. Any help is appreciated.

One thing to try if you have custom device handlers for locks, login to IDE and open the device handlers and save, then publish for me. Then reset your lock, exclude it, then try to add it.

Thanks for suggestion, unfortunately it didn’t work. I am using ethayer: z-wave lock reporting as the device handlers. I have noticed 2 things and not sure if it matter:

  1. When I add the lock into the hub, the green light start to flash, the lock will report it successful joining the hub but the app will continue spinning, if I don’t reset the hub, it will stay that way and all the devices will not response. It is as if something is stuck somewhere.
  2. I figure out how to force the device to appear on the app. By putting the lock in exclusion mode and then add a thing in the app. The device will appear but will not be able to control the lock due to the data error I mention before.

You do realize that is one of the older (probably oldest) device handlers that was used years ago?? I have to agree with ST support… either remove that DTH altogether and use the stock ST device handlers for locks or upgrade to a device handler that is currently used by the Lock Manager app.

The developer released version 2 which can use the ST stock device handlers or some of his newer device handlers he created last year. more info in the following thread…

I deleted the old device handlers and install the latest lock manager. However the problem still remain. I also notice that when the hub is trying to pair the lock, it flash green and few second solid blue and then flashing green, it just keep going through that cycle until I remove the batteries to do a reboot.
I already did factory reset the lock, general exclusion and reboot the hub multiple times. I also did repair z-wave network, not sure what else to do next except buying another yales lock to test the hub.

I purchase a new Yales lock today and the problem still remain. I paired a motion sensor with the hub and it discovered it right away. It seems the lock is the only one that the hub is having problem with. By forcing the device to show up in the app using exclusion method, I think the hub never finish paring with it because it show: * networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_FAILED. I can’t find a way to fix that and the lock is 1 feet away from the hub. I am using the classic app. Any idea?

Another lock (Schlage) went offline last night on its own. I wonder if its the last firmware update that disconnect all my lock. Customer support at Samsung won’t help unless I remove all the custom device handler (not just the lock). Any suggestion is appreciated.

This means that the lock has failed to complete the pairing process. Try these steps:

  1. Exclude the lock
  2. Reset the lock
  3. Reboot the hub (don’t forget this0
  4. Bring the lock within 2ft of the hub
  5. Pair the lock
  6. Add a repeater within 20ft of the lock

I would recommend deleting ALL custom device handlers before pairing. Add your custom handlers after pairing since you’re facing issues. It also helps to ensure if the custom handlers are compliant with the latest ST specifications.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.
I deleted all the custom device handlers, exclude the lock thru general device exclusion, factory reset the lock, reboot the hub (both from the IDE and remove batteries and power), lock is 5 inches away from the hub and try to add a thing.
It just keep spinning on app and the lock eventually just time out (this is the Yales assure lock).
I try it on the August lock, the app keep spinning and the lock show “can not activate z-wave network”.
I try it add a motion sensor to the hub to see if something is wrong with the hub, it shows up right away.
Any idea?

Hmm, sounds like you’re using the new ST app. I would try all the steps above but with the Classic ST app. I would recommend remove ALL custom device handlers before doing it incase you’re running into the stale DTH issue (which can happen even if you have a DTH installed which is not in use).

I am still on the Classic ST app. I have 18 DTH which affected over 100’s of devices (from garage door opener to shades and light switches). Is that my only options?
Customer rep. at Samsung basically tell me since I have DTH, they can’t help me. Even I remove all of them, he said it might be too late and it already corrupted the software. The only option is to factory reset the hub and pair each of them from fresh. He even warn me that might not even work since DTH might already corrupted the hardware and I will not be able to pair them back in again.
Is there anything else I can do beside removing all the DTH or factory reset? Thanks.

You only need to remove any DTH for locks. :slight_smile:

Technically you’ll have to remove all DTHs who’s fingerprints match those of a lock or type/class of lock or have ever matched the type and was metadata was parsed and cached in the system (hence the stale cache). The best way is to remove all DTHs and if you cant, the next best is to open each DTH and successfully republish each one (ideally, remove any DTHs not being used or comment out the fingerprint sections and republish them).

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The DTH for locks are the first thing I removed. It didn’t help. I have 18 DTH and 7 of them I am not using. Out of that 7, I am able to remove 5 of them and the other 2 won’t let me delete because it says the device type is still in use by devices. I double check my My Devices list and none of the devices are using it. Is there any way to delete them? Both of those DTH show manufacturers in the fingerprint section. I am not sure how to comment out the fingerprint sections. I try to put an “*” on this line "fingerprint mfr:“0063”, prod:“494D”, model: “3034”, deviceJoinName: “GE Z-Wave Plus Motion Wall Dimmer” but it comes back with an error when I try to republish it.
Also, so far no luck on adding the lock to the hub. I already republish 11 DTH that I am using.
I delete one of the old light switch and try to add it back in, the same thing happen, the hub won’t discover it. I am going out to buy another lock and switch to see if I can add it to the hub.

That does sound problematic to me if the platform won’t let remove a DTH which you say isn’t in use but the platform thinks is connected and it may be the issue also. If you can remove it atleast comment out the fingerprints. Start the fingerprint lines with a // then Save and Publish it. Ideally you should be able to remove it, you may need to contact ST Support

I put in // then save and publish the 2 DTH. I still can’t add anything to my hub. I went and brought a GE Z-Wave switch 14291. I can’t get the hub to discover it. It seems the hub will only discover Samsung product (door sensor & motion sensor). I already call Samsung support to remove the 2 DTH. The rep. said it is an advance tech. area and it might takes up to a week to have them remove.
At the meantime, Samsung won’t help to figure out why devices are not being discovered. Since I have custom DTH, factory reset and starting from scratch is their only suggestion.
Hopefully once they remove the 2 DTH, I can add devices again.