Door Locks Fully Supported by ST's

Based on recent emails with ST’s it’s clear the Schlage Nexia door lock I have will probably never be fully supported, e.g… I won’t be able to add/remove PIN codes via ST’s.

Are there any door locks support by ST’s that are fully supported?

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I heard back from ST via email

ST does not support PIN management on any door locks. That is very sad.

Indeed. I hope they add it later, but I don’t know if it’s a high priority for them or not. I’d really like to be able to setup temporary codes to let in people if I need to without having to sit at the door and do it. I’d also love to get feedback from the lock if someone is trying to enter a code and getting it wrong all the time. This might not even be possible though… the lock may not collect or report on this.

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I originally paired my lock with Vera and was able to do exactly what you would like to do. It worked great. When I got my ST’s I moved everything to ST’s except the lock because I need that function.

Now that I’m told it’s a low priority - apparently pretty icons is more important to them then door locks, I’m working on moving everything back to Vera.

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I highly doubt that the people who would be involved in creating the behind the scenes code necessary for this sort of functionality with locks are the same people who do design work on the icons.

However it’s entirely possible that to the majority of users pretty icons are more important. Now, I’m not among the group but I also know that probably most SmartThings users don’t have a door lock and so most SmartThings users probably don’t care if the lock has this function or not. Most users would probably prefer that the developers spend there time on other aspects of the program.

Now, I’m not in the same situation you are… SmartThings is my first HA setup so I’m not coming from a situation where I had more and now have less options with my door lock. So given that I’m probably not as upset with the limitation as you are, but realistically SmartThings has to do what’s best for all their users, and right now door locks are unfortunately NOT a high priority it appears.

Yup that is a functionality required here too, as need to change in a add codes, thinking of moving to vera again too, as seems ST is really missing on some imp things.

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One more functionality missing could do on Vera was that when lock was unlocked using a code from outside could activate an action like turn a certain light on or message. Most of imp features missing.


Are you talking about having a specific thing happen ONLY when it’s unlocked with code? But if it’s unlocked via a key or via a problem then did doesn’t do that specific thing?

Yes only when door opened with a code the light can come on

PIN support for locks is certainly on the roadmap and may not be far off. To a few points, we know it seems frustrating that seemingly unimportant features get advanced when crucial updates like PIN support languish but as other posters have pointed out these are different teams working on these things and they are highly requested. We continually update what is worked on based upon requests. We work in and agile manner and have weekly iterations with new productions releases EVERY week. We know things can seem slow - they are slower than we would like too but we are still a fairly small group - spread across many priorities.

We love the passion everyone is expressing here. Don’t stop! If you have specific issues contact support but otherwise please continue to be a part of the community here.

That is great to hear, I know this might be a new topic question but the changes made or new readers, how does one get to know about them, does one need to remove add item? It’d be nice to be updated

+1 on remote pin administration sooner rather than later


+1… critical for me

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+1 from me too. My lock is the one thing that’s stranded back on my old Z-wave system, because I can’t live with only two lock codes.

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Is there an official SmartThings bug / request tracker, which allows users to submit and up-vote feature requests? If no, then that might be worth considering, to allow the development team to maintain a clear picture of what the frequently requested features really are.


The extra codes were the only reason I bought the Kwikset and set it up with Smartthings, let’s get moving :slight_smile:

Until ST creates a way to do this I made a custom device type for the lock and a smartapp to change the codes.


Very cool @bigpunk6,

I’ll give it a shot tonight with my Kwikset.

Well @chrisb? What happened?

I changed the device type and everything seems to be working like it did before.

I installed the app and the app but when I add the new code, it doesn’t seem to work. I see a log that says a new code was added:

New User: 2 added Side Door Lock

But when I try to use the new code it doesn’t work. There’s also a “code” button in the details tab that doesn’t seem to do anything.

Hopefully @bigpunk6 can shed some light on what I’m doing wrong.