[Depricated] Lock Code Manager

hey there
just wanted to update others with similar problems - hardware issues round 2 - 2 locks, 2 hardware problems! first lock had defective keypad. replacement new lock sent direct from the factory was 4 years old version!! kwikset support has been great replacement on the way - but if you have a kwikset 910, look for writing on the top next to the battery compartment - if there is none - replace it - it’s too old to support lock code manager. thanks!

I’ve seen this happen if you have users unconfigured. If you only want to set 2 codes set your user number to 2. Should alleviate the issue.

This works great, however, I can’t get it to send a notification if a wrong code is entered. I have the box selected under keypad settings and my phone number in notifications. I used the code from post #1 but it looks like it hasn’t been updated in awhile.

Any tips?

Oh wow, you guessed it. I did have one undefined code slot.
I filled it in with some random code and the activity log is now back to normal.

Thank you so much jhamstead.

I contacted Kwikset and received a replacement unit, which I have now installed and all functionality appears to be working well! I wish that I could set the max users, and the last defined user is all that was sent instead. Adding a user code to the lock does not pass the wife test today. If I set the users to the max device supported it is constantly logging, so the extra step of increasing that number first is a concern that would be nice for an improvement.

This is a limitation with the design of this app. ethayer has started a new app from scratch to remove this problem. It is currently is BETA.

There’s no prompt to ask for the max number of users the lock can handle. The prompt you’re referring to is to set the number of users you wish to use. You should not set this number to 30, because then the app is going to generate blank users.

The new app, while still in beta, is actually a bit more user-friendly in some regards.

I’m not sure if I am just clueless or my lock isn’t supported. It’s a Schlage Connect that I’ve been using without this lock manager Smart App. I installed it last night but I am not getting anything back from the app. I’m not getting push notifications when the door is locked / unlocked. One of the codes I entered on the app isn’t working on the lock. The other code works only because I manually programmed the lock to that code when I installed the lock.
Should I “Factory reset” the lock itself? Would that help?
I also have the same issue as “jwhuang1980”, the lock is getting polled every minute, so now I’m worried about battery life.

The polling is annoying but it is not actually sending queries to the lock, just the SmartThings cloud, so it will not affect battery life.

The polling only occurs for one of two reasons.

  1. You have empty users (no codes set)
  2. You are not using the correct DTH (I think this is your issue)

To fix #2, be sure of 4 things.

  1. You are signing into the correct IDE shard (http://graph.api.smartthings.com or http://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com)
  2. You have copied GaryD’s DTH to my devices in your IDE
  3. You have published the DTH
  4. You went to devices, selected your lock, edited it and saved it with GaryD’s enhanced lock selected.

All right, I’m freaking lost now.

This URL: https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com/ide/apps I have the User Lock Manager showing up.

This URL: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/apps does NOT have the User Lock Manager showing up.

Why are there two URLS for the same thing? Last night I updated my NEST thermostats on one URL and now the other URL is showing them not updated at all.

Which of these two should I pay attention to?

I have published the App because it’s showing up on my SmartThings app on my phone. I also edited the device and selected the Schlage lock.

The two URL things are bothering me now!

So . . . There are three cloud environments for SmartThings, known as shards (two in the U.S. one in the UK). Your actual account will exist on only one of them. Once you determine which shard is yours (sounds like the graph-na02 one) make all of your changes there, as updating the other shards will not affect your account.

It is confusing and I wish SmartThings had a better way to show which shard you are using other than logging into each one to determine which has your hub listed. In reality, the only difficulty is with US SmartThings hubs and determining which of the two US shards you are in.

I don’t want to hijack the thread with issues not related to the lock but both shard s contains my hub and location of hub.
I never knew this before today.
How does one determine which is “mine”? Because I need to update my chrome bookmark to the correct shard so I don’t have these issues anymore and stop sounding foolish lol

Interesting. If I go to a shard that is not mine, I get this message

You don't have any hubs yet. Please use the SmartThings mobile app to claim your hub.

I’m not sure how you see a hub on both shards.

I’ve been struggling to get good battery reporting on a Yale lock I use for an AirBnB entryway (really important to have good battery notifications!)

I’ve been using the devicehandler from here:

This is the recommended custom one, shown as “Z-Wave Lock Reporting”.

But the Yale lock just reports 0%.

ST support told me was that to get good power reporting, I need to set the locks to “Z-Wave Lock” which is a generic handler that should handle normal commands to just about every z-wave lock out there.

Now I’m getting good battery, but changed a code and while it seemed to propagate to a Schlage closet zwave lock (took hours), changing code to the Yale lock didnt work (havent yet waited hours).

Any thoughts? Is this a polling/writing disparity?

This has been a great help, allowing my Kwikset lock to work with Samsung smart things. My only question is whether there is a way to change the timing so that my ‘recent activity’ log isn’t swamped with the user lock manager app every 2 minutes all day every day without compromising function of the smart-app.

I’ve looked through the code and found the various calls to ‘DoPoll’ where it’s set for 602 (2 minutes), and I was tempted to change them but did not know if this would compromise overall functionality. IE if it could do that UpdateCodes and poll once a day (601440?) unless manually triggered by the app, a burn-use, etc that would be perfect. 99% of the time the smart-app isn’t touched now that it’s in-place and running, but those two messages absolutely swamp the activity log.

I ran into the same issue for a while - the issue for me is that I had to specify the location before I could see/access my device and the smartapps. IE when I first login if I go directly to ‘my devices’ or ‘my smartapps’ it shows me nothing. But if I go to ‘my locations’ first and pick my home, THEN go look at devices and smartapps it all shows up and functions just fine.

This was definitely irritating during my initial run through trying to get this code deployed, but once I got past that it works great.

These messages are usually related to having empty users. Make sure if you have X user codes programmed you only set the app to have X users. If you create additional users but don’t set codes, the app will continually poll every 2 minutes.

Im having issues when a user enters a code, it says two people unlocked the door. When i originally setup the app, when a code was entered it was saying the next person’s name actually unlocked the lock. thoughts?

Yes! Thank you that was exactly the issue. We have 6 active codes and I had made 10 slots available, so there were 4 blanks. I turned those off and the repeat messages have stopped.

Well I am getting push notifications only when the door is locked. I am not getting push notifications on entry, and on unlock. I have it set to two users and only have two codes in the lock.

When I go into User Settings all the codes say Usage: 0

If I click on Lock Info, it’s blank, even if I select refresh lock info it just tells me lock info refreshing soon and nothing shows up. In the same screen if I select my Front Door Lock and hit Tap to Show I’ve got blank info under Slot 1 and Slot 2

I think I am close but not sure what I am missing?