[RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

Introducing Intruder Alert with Actions

Intruder Alert with Actions is a custom intruder and alert management which can be used with the STHM security dashboard with support for Entry Delays and Exit Delays (see below for a full list of features and instructions).

It is a very flexible app which can be used for multiple use cases such as a Security System in place of STHM security monitoring or even as a tamper monitoring system (Thief Alerts). This allows you to configure sensors to check for intruders and sensors to monitor residents to avoid false alarms. You can also use keypads to arm/disarm the app.

Key Features:

  • Arm/disarm with monitoring options
    • Hub modes
    • Switches
    • New app STHM states with STHM dashboard
    • Presence sensor (arrive)
    • Presence sensor (leave)
    • Operating schedules (up to 3 daily/weekly)
  • Entry delay
  • Exit delay
  • Activate ZigBee/Ring Keypad beeping for entry/exit delays
  • Announce Entry Delays and Exit Delays every 30 seconds
  • Countdowns while arming and triggering alerts (enable detailed notifications)
  • Support for keypads to arm/disarm and countdown timers
  • Monitor devices and sensors
    • Motion
    • Contact
    • Locks
    • Vibration/acceleration
    • Tamper
    • Garage doors (Meross WiFi, MyQ, Z-Wave, ZigBee)
  • Panic buttons/switches to trigger alarms/actions
  • Set resident sensors to temporarily disarm the system when you wake up at night for a drink of water
  • Announce your alerts over your speakers/Sonos/Bose/ Ikea-Sonos SYMFONISK/Alexa to alert the whole house
  • Create custom alerts/announcements
  • Play audio or custom audio files
  • Send SMS to multiple numbers
  • Trigger multiple alarms/devices and automatically turn them all off then once of them is turned off
  • Install the app multiple times to create separate use cases (security monitoring, theft monitoring, general alarms, monitor activity during the day or night or when away etc)
  • Use the STHM security dashboard to arm/disarm Intruder Alerts with Actions (see instructions)

Installation Instructions

You can find the smartapp installation instructions here and then follow the configuration steps for each page below:

  • Intrusion Detection
    • Select the sensors and panic devices to monitor which will trigger actions
    • Optionally select resident sensors which will disarm the system temporarily
    • Set the EXIT DELAY on this page
  • Intrusion Actions
    • Configure the actions to take when intrusion detection sensors are triggered like activating alarms, switches, cameras etc
    • Set the ENTRY DELAY on this page
  • Arm/Disarm Settings
    • Set limitations on when to arm and disarm the system (if nothing is selected then it’s armed ALL the time)
    • Select from various arming/disarming conditions like Hub modes, switches, presence and up to 3 operating schedules per day/week
    • To use the STHM Dashboard to arm/disarm the app
  • Notifications
    • Get detailed notifications send arming/disarming notifications (default is silent arming/disarming)
    • To activate Entry/Exit delay beeping select a supported ZigBee/Ring keypad models, also see how to arm/disarm using keypads
    • Optionally define custom notification messages
    • Select notification options like spoken notifications, SMS (multiple) or to disable all push notifications

FAQ: How to use with new app STHM Dashboard

To use as a STHM replacement with Entry/Exit delays:

  • STHM
    • disable all sensor monitoring/actions in the STHM security module (you may need to select one dummy sensor if the STHM arm/disarm dashboard doesn’t show up)
  • Intruder Alert with Actions
    • select the monitoring sensors in Intrusion Detection
    • select the Alarms in Intrusion Actions
    • select the STHM virtual switch for arming states in Arm/Disarm Settings (blank means all STHM states)
    • set the Notifications to push, SMS and/or speak alerts
  • Now use the STHM Dashboard to arm/disarm the app


  • If you want to use separate sensors/actions for each STHM state, i.e. Arm Away and Arm Stay, then install the SmartApp twice; for each installed instance select one STHM virtual switch in Arm/Disarm Settings and configure Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Actions for that state. You can also give each installed instance a different name.

FAQ: How to use Keypads to Arm/Disarm Intruder Alert with Actions

You will need a compatible ZigBee or Ring Keypad and a SmartApp like LUM (Lock User Management) to create a user pin code and define actions

  1. Open LUM
  2. Select your ZigBee/Ring keypad under Locks on the main page
  3. Tap on Manage Users
  4. Tap an empty slot and enter a Name and a Code
  5. Scroll down to the bottom, tap Custom Actions/Notifications -> Enable Custom Actions
  6. Tap Keypad Unlock Actions
    • Setup your Disarming actions here (e.g. change Mode to Home, Turn off Alarms etc and tap Done/Save
  7. Tap Keypad Lock Actions
    • Setup your Arming actions here (e.g. change Mode to Away, Turn on switches etc) and tap Done/Save

You can also create multiple users. If you want to use the same Arming/Disarming actions for all users, then instead of defining custom actions for each user, on the Main page you can tap Lock/Unlock Actions to set the same actions globally for all users.

If you have enabled Get detailed notifications and Entry/Exit delays, then it will trigger a countdown, announce using voice notifications/Bose/Sonos/Alexa and also beep any selected keypads.

NOTE: For syncing the keypad both ways with STHM, see this post.

Other Examples

  • To use as a 24x7 theft monitoring system, leave Arm/Disarm Settings blank and select the tamper and vibration sensors in Intrusion Detection

If you have suggestions or requests feel free to let us know.

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Can the SmartApp be modified to require two Motion Detectors to go Active before activating the sequence? I have a stray cat that wonders around outside at night and trips the Alarm.

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Let me look into it. it’ll take some time But maybe I’ll put a different app or try to integrate the functionality into a single app.

Version 1.2.0 on request:

  • Added support to set dimmer levels to 100% while turning on the lights

Cleaned up the code and refreshed it

RB, Can this work with ST Hub and Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera - 1080P (1920TVL), IP2M-841 (Black)?

By the way, you seems Pro in ST world and I am very newbie. I believe most of my wishlist with ST Hub integration can be fulfilled by your smartApps.

If you have a SmartDevice for your camera which exposes the imageCapture capability it will work.

However having said that from what I can see from the web the 1920TVL model appears to be running foscam firmware specs at the backend (can’t confirm for sure). You can try the foscam SmartDevice and see if it’s compatible and if so then it’ll work perfectly

@RBoy, I tried out to installing a device as explained in your website without any problem. But, it does send signal to Amcrest Camera. Is any other alternative?


Added option to set off alarms when doors are unlocked

Verion 1.4.0

  • You can enter multiple phone numbers to send an SMS to by separating them with a ‘+’. E.g. 5551234567+4447654321

Version 1.4.1

  • Include alarm source details when sending alarm notifications

Hi, I have installed the app and set it to flash few lights when motion is detected. I see few issues.

  1. It doesn’t flash lights just turn them ON although I used the flash light and not the lights ON option.
  2. I have one in wall GE switch that controllable and used in other APPs, this app is not affecting it at all.
  3. I have added a simulated motion sensor just to see how it works, it is listed with all other motion sensors. When I click it it sends me text message but doesn’t affect lights at all.
    Other then that it works much better then SHM that completely stopped working.

Really like your apps!


  1. Platform issue, timers aren’t firing to turn it off - report it to ST support - or your switch is too far from the hub and isn’t communicating properly so the turn off command is getting lost
  2. Don’t understand the question; if why it isn’t communicating is the question, it has nothing to do with the app, that’s between the hub and device (the app calls the platform API’s after that is’ upto the platform and hub)
  3. Again can’t say, see IDE live logging to note what’s going on

All of the above sounds like a communication issue between your hub and light switch

BTW the GE light switches are VERY unreliable, I’m constantly (as in about once a month) having to repair them since they stop communicating with the hub.

ST support form what I saw so far doesn’t really exist, never got any response from them!

Let me try to describe it, hopefully better. I am trying to control 4 switches with the Intruder Alert App
#1 Dimmer (15ft from hub) - Always turns ON, not flashing
#2 Switch (15ft form hub) - Always turns ON, not flashing
#3 Wall switch (40ft from hub, 8 ft form Zwave Thermostat) - Never turns on
#4 Switch (70ft from hub) - Always turns ON, not flashing
I can control all the above manually and with other applications flawlessly.so It doesn’t look like communication or distance issue. I also ran the zwave repair procedure and all are reporting ok.

As for the simulated motion detector, I have added it to the list of motion sensors that triggers the alarm. When a real motion sensor on the list is triggered I get the push message, text message and the lights turns ON (#1,2,4 always).
When I turn On/Off the simulated motion sensor I get the notification and text message but the lights never turns on.

Hope that this is a better explanation.

Thanks for the GE feedback!


Does not rule out a communication issue. Flashing is a VERY intense operation and the ST and platform hub aren’t good with doing a series of short operations for multiple reasons:

  1. The hub itself can’t handle series of short communications with devices as it doesn’t retry failed commands
  2. The platform timers don’t support short resolutions. One way to test it to modify the code and change the timing to flash every say 5 seconds on/off (change the on/off delay on lines 342 and 343 to 5000).

This code was developed when the platform did respond to short operations but with the recent changes it just doesn’t allow for it reliably so maybe the feature should be dropped.

Can’t say, don’t know how the simulated sensor code is written, possibly it isn’t sending the required event notifications to ST or more likely the communication with the switch is failing. Again the best way to see what’s going is to open the IDE live logging and trace through what events are being received by the app and what commands the app is sending (it logs everything in detail). It should help you isolate where the issue in your setup might be.

Thanks, really appreciate your help support and advice, I will try it tonight

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Anytime, thanks for your support

Why does this not work with smartt cam from Samsung??

Intruder Alert with Alarms, Lights and Camera Pictures - Version 1.5.0

  • Workaround for ST bug with contact address book for notifications

Does this smartapp allow for “wait to arm” “wait to alarm” functionality like smart alarm? For example, I need to time to disarm the system before it goes off when I come home. Also, I don’t want it to arm until 5 minutes after I press “away mode”, etc.