Intrusion detected alerts when Smartthings is disarmed - help please

Dear All,
Following migration from the classic to the new Smartthings app i am receiving Intrusion detected alerts when a movement sensor is triggered while smartthings is disarmed. These alerts should only be received when the system is armed. Would really appreciate anyone help to resolve this issue. Have raised a ticket with Smartthings support ticket number 1044442, the lack of any reasonable support from a company the size of Samsung is beyond belief.
Thank you for time.
Kind regards, Johnathan

Did you uninstall the old app smart home monitor? If not it may still be running. You can check and uninstall it from the IDE -> My Locations -> Click on SmartApps to the RIGHT of your location name and there you can find and uninstall the installed apps.

Hi, have checked in IDE, my locations, Smartapps and there are no listed smartapps. I have also checked on my mobile smartthings app under Smartapps, here there are 8 apps listed including Smarthings Home Monitor which i have deleted and reinstalled. These steps have not resolved this issue. Would really appreciate any further ideas you many have. Thank you

The new app STHM is completely different from the Classic app SHM. If your have SHM installed and didn’t uninstall it it’s likely still running in your location. The Classic SHM won’t show up in the new app. It will only show up in the IDE under the SmartApp page next to the location name. If you don’t see any SmartApps installed then it’s possible you’re in the wrong page. It should have an edit button to uninstall app.

Also check that you don’t have other apps like this one which may be monitoring your system

[RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

I have not found the smartapps tab to the right under locations and not the one listed on the top menu. There are some apps listed there but not STHM. Will attach screenshot to assist. Could one of these old smartapps be causing the issue ?

It looks like it isn’t installed. Did you click the Migration link in the Classic app? If so then you’ll have to contact support to get them to look into it.