Automations and SHM stopped working?

Im having problems with ST at the moment. ST automations are not working. I have automation rule for example to “disarm” at 5.00am and that did not do anything. Yesterday automation should have arm system at 11pm but nothing happens. These have been working successfully last years so settings are correct.

When manually pressing new ST apps SHM buttons (arm away, arm stay, disarm it changes status. In iDE SHM status is “Disarm” all the time. In webcore SHM status is disarmed all the time even though I’m manually changing it from the app.

Anyone else having similar problems?

Forget that IDE SHM Status = Disarmed. It is always disarmed and it’s status for the classic app’s own shm. So that has nothing to do with the actual problem I have.

It seems like unchecking and checking all automations in new app did it. Now automations are working at least at this moment.

I had the same issue starting again yesterday starting at approximately 10pm (SHM Stay Mode Disarm Issues (UK Servers)) my SHM is controlled via WebCoRE, however all the other automations are working so I think it’s likely that Samsung have changed something in the cloud causing SHM to not update.

oh… thank’s for the information.
Once again… says nada.

Do you use SHM in the Classic app or STHM in the new app?

New app so sthm. If i remember right shm status for that reason does not Sync to Ide and for example towards webcore.

That is correct. STHM can not be controlled by webcore nor does the status show in IDE. Only SHM from the Classic is displayed in IDE. If SHM is removed, only a status of disarmed will display in IDE at that point.

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I see in logs a lot of errors:

I think ST is having a bad weekend for their cloud services.

9:29:05 AM: error org.springframework.jdbc.UncategorizedSQLException: Hibernate operation: could not execute query; uncategorized SQLException for SQL [select as id32_0_, this_.version as version32_0_, this_.date_created as date3_32_0_, this_.key as key4_32_0_, this_.type as type32_0_, this_.value as value32_0_ from server_config this_ where this_.key=?]; SQL state [null]; error code [0]; [SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor-10] Timeout: Pool empty. Unable to fetch a connection in 30 seconds, none available[size:50; busy:3; idle:0; lastwait:30000].; nested exception is org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.PoolExhaustedException: [SimpleAsyncTaskExecutor-10] Timeout: Pool empty. Unable to fetch a connection in 30 seconds, none available[size:50; busy:3; idle:0; lastwait:30000]. @line 680 (getHealthStatus)


error java.lang.SecurityException: Getting properties on class org.springframework.jdbc.UncategorizedSQLException is not allowed @line 791 (sendGetCommand)

It’s possible to use virtual switches and automations to control STHM via smartapps and webcore. A step by step example of controlling STHM via smartapps can be found in the first post here: [RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions