[RELEASE] Nuki Manager for Nuki Smart Lock(Approved)

Introducing the Nuki Manager for SmartThings

This Nuki Manager was created in conjunction with Nuki to integrate Nuki products into SmartThings.

The Nuki Manager supports the following:

NOTE: A separate bridge is required, the Nuki 3.0 Pro also requires a separate Nuki Bridge (the integrated bridge does not support local authentication)

Check out our website for the latest features of the Nuki Manager

The Nuki Lock is a flexible lock that retro fits on exist door locks to provide remote locking/unlocking features

It sits on an existing door lock operated with a key. It supports US levers (lock/unlock) and European knob/bar (lock/unlock/unlatch) style installations. It supports 360 and 720 degree rotations.
It also has advanced features such as Lock n Go (US) and Lock n Go Unlatch (European).
It runs on 4 AA batteries and requires the Nuki bridge to integrate with SmartThings using WiFi.

Nuki Lock Screenshots:


Classic App

Key features of this solution:

  • Automatic discovery of bridges and locks
  • Automatic updates to bridge and lock IP/configuration
  • Automatic mode detection based on door configuration (Lever or Knob/Bar)
  • Real time updates from locks
  • Nuki SmartLock 2.0 Door Sensor
  • Support for all supports Nuki lock commands
    • Lock
    • Unlock (default for Lever doors)
    • Unlatch (default for Knob/bar doors)
    • Lock n Go (enable Advanced Commands in device preferences page)
    • Lock n Go Unlatch (enable Advanced Commands in device preferences page)
  • Motor blocked detection
  • Uncalibrated lock detection
  • Battery level reporting
  • Low battery detection
  • Support for new ST app and SmartLocks
  • Supports unlimited bridges and locks
  • Automatic failed command retry
  • Custom commands to use with CoRE/WebCoRE
    • unsecure - automatically unlock or unlatch based on door configuration
    • unlatch
    • lockngo
    • lockngounlatch

After pairing your Nuki devices with your Nuki bridge (using the Nuki mobile app), refer to the step by step instructions for integrating Nuki with SmartThings

Nuki Manager Screenhots:

We would like to thank the ST staff and the Nuki staff for their support in enabling this integration


  • Setup/pair the Nuki devices with the Nuki Bridge (required) using the Nuki mobile app before installing the Nuki Manager in SmartThings
  • Make sure that the Nuki bridge is on the same WiFi/network as your SmartThings hub
  • Don’t forget to push the button on the Nuki bridge when prompted/LED lights up to finish discovering any new Nuki devices paired with the bridge
  • Check that your Nuki bridge has API Quick Discovery enabled in it’s settings using the native Nuki app
  • If your bridge can’t be found by Nuki Manager, try to disable API Quick Discovery, reboot the bridge and then re-enable API Quick Discovery. There may be a delay for the Nuki server to register a new bridge for the first time so it may help to Factory reset the bridge, enable API Quick Discovery and then try again.
  • If the lock state isn’t updating, open Nuki Manager and tap Done to reinitialize the bridge real time notifications.

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Just a couple of things:

  • What if I have an android device serving as the bridge? Will it still work? My intuition says yes but…
  • Any approximation on when the Keypad feature might be implemented?
  • I’m guessing this can be used in a routine, as in, whenever X code is input, notify that a certain person has arrived, open the lock… right?
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All our development was focused around the Bridge since that’s Nuki’s recommended option.
EDIT: The software bridge is only used for testing and doesn’t support discovery.

Still working with Nuki on the keypad. They’re looking into a few recommendations that would allow the keypad to work seamlessly with ST.


I tried to use the Software bridge even with HTTP API open, and this deos not work. The smartapps did not find any bridge. Both are on the same network. (192.168.0.x for me at home)

I look forward to getting both working. I use the android bridge for a remote office in my garden. I have keypads on every lock (3) so if you need testers let me know :slight_smile: I’d love to get who opened the locks with what code in ST.

I’m almost ready to take the plunge on the Nuki lock… most probably at the start of July… any news on the keypad front? That’s one feature that I’ll be sure to use!

I’m still not exactly sure how I will have the house know who’s home or not… considering not everyone has a cell phone at home…


Hey maybe you can help me. I have volski DTH installed on my hub.

Is your Nuki Manager also working with the Samsung Connect App?

You see in the picture but i want other names for “Geschützt” the translation from English to german is a bit weird :smiley:

Hi there. It works with the new app but you’ll only see the Locking/unlocking interface for now until the custom UI interface is released. To change the default unlock settings (unlock vs unlatch) you’ll need the Classic app until the new ST app releases that feature (coming in future update). Translation is controlled by the ST directly so I would recommend contacting ST support.

On the first post… when mentioning the keypad it says TBD…

The keypad is out already… is it integrated?

Alternatively, there’s also a small (tiny rather!) remote… any chances of integrating the signal from it into ST as a Presence sensor of sorts?

Hi there. The keypad is till in progress. We have recommended some updates to Nuki for their APIs which will make the keypads compatible with SmartThings.

Hey @RBoy (@maddie ), since today the new nuki opener was released, do you plan on adding support for that as well, so in a condominium I could control entrence + door?
What would be perfect for renting.

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We’re talking to Nuki about it. Will update once we hear back from them. We’re working on it.

Nuki Manager - v01.00.03

  • Update for changes in DNS resolution which impacted automatic bridge discovery

the smartthings app finds the bridge, but does not find the smart lock. what am I doing wrong?

You need to press the button on the Nuki bridge when the LED glows on the bridge to complete the lock discovery. (it prompt you on the smartthings mobile screen to press the button, see the first post).

Any news on the keypad integration front? :sweat_smile:

Hey i have a question the Rboy DH is still working with nuki?? Is it working with the Samsung Connect app? Can you show some screenshots with the new app…

bump… Still nothing on the keypad front? That would be a great addition…

As in the rboyapps website… this usecase is exactly what I need, but changing sister for x family member / cleaning staff:

“Your sister gets into town early, you’re stuck at the office. She calls you from the Airport. You say hey no issues, go on home and enter your birthdate on the door lock. You whip your phone, fire up SmartThings and tell your house to let your sister use her birthdate to unlock your front door lock. Also you tell your house that when she unlocks the door, disarm the security system, turn on the lights and send you a text message informing you of her arrival. You also let your house know that this is a one time code.”

It’s in the feature request, Nuki has a technical limitation. As soon as they fix it we will able to program and use the Nuki keypad with ST.