[RELEASE] Monoprice Door Window Mailbox Z-Wave Plus Sensor (Official)

This Device Handler is for the Monoprice Door/Window Sensor (Recessed, Mounted, Mailbox) (15268 / 15270 / 24259 / 124259)

RBoy Apps is now an official partner of Monoprice.

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These Sensors are Z-Wave plus devices that mount to a door, window or mailbox, detects when it is opened or closed. It also has a tamper-proof switch, which will trigger a Z-Wave signal when the sensor’s cap is removed. The Mounted Sensor also has an option for external triggers which can be wired to the device.

This device handler supports the Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus devices. Support has also been added for v1 and v2 hub fingerprinting for easy identification and support for the Classic and new ST app. Ideally install the Device Handler BEFORE pairing the device for easy setup.

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Classic App
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The recessed door/window sensor (15268) can be bought from Monoprice here for about $10 - $24

The mounted door/window sensor (15270) with an external wire trigger option can be bought from Monoprice here for about $10 - $24

The Z-Wave Plus door/window/mailbox sensor (24259) can be bought from Monoprice here or the (124259) from Amazon for about $10 - $24

We’ve worked with Monoprice create a special deal just for the SmartThings community:

15% of all Monoprice products with RBoy Apps Device Handlers

  1. Click here to visit the Monoprice website
  2. Use the code RBOY at checkout
  3. Monoprice offers FREE standard shipping in the US.

Enjoy, this code expires Dec 31. This is a stacked promotion code, i.e. it can be used in addition to with other discounts/sales from Monoprice

This device handler supports the following features:

  1. Reading the following sensors
    • Open/Close
    • Tamper
    • Battery
  2. Designed UI using the latest ST multiTiles with a clean view
  3. Ability to configure the following parameters:
    • External wired sensor (N/O and N/C sensors)
  4. Support for v1 and v2 hub fingerprinting for easy identification
  5. Ability to request a manual update for the sensors and configuration (this is a delayed update at the next wake up)
  6. Easy to use configuration page with detailed explanations for all the parameters

Ideally install the Device Handler BEFORE pairing the device for easy setup.

How to use an External Sensor/Trigger

  • The sensor can be configured to use an external sensor device/trigger
  • Attach the N/O (normally open) external sensor wires to the external switch connection on the sensor
    • To use a normally closed external sensor, enable the External wired sensor is N/C option in the device preferences page
  • You will need to make a small hole on the side of the unit next to the external sensor plug using a drill to allow the wires to pass into the unit.
  • Connect the external trigger wires to the external sensor plug in the unit
  • Once the external sensor wires are attached, you MUST tape the supplied magnet to the unit (otherwise the external trigger won’t work)
  • Make sure you’ve installed the device handler for the device, open the ST mobile app, open your device, click on the preferences gear icon on the top right corner of the screen and then Enable the external trigger option. Click Done.
  • Finally you need to open and close the device cover once for the settings to take effect, do NOT forget this step

image image


  • After the configuration/preferences are updated, for the settings to take effect immediate, open and close the cover of the device
  • To request the manual update, please press the “Request Update” button, however this is a DELAYED update. The motion sensor is mostly in sleep mode to preserve battery. The next time it wakes up (every 6 hours or as configured), if the user had requested a manual update, it will fetch the latest sensor status, battery and also update the configuration.
  • To force an immediate update for all configured settings, press the “Request Update” button and then open and close the cover of the device. This forces the motion sensor to wake up and process the manual update request.
  • To force a sensor/battery status update just press the Z-Wave button with a pin (tiny hole at the bottom of of the sensor)

Low Battery: If your battery below 20% consider replacing it. The device may stop sending updates if the battery falls below this level. So you won’t know if you battery has run out, the motion/no motion sensors / temperature sensor may get stuck as well and you may receive no updates.

Battery Update After Installation: Open the device cover and press the program button for 5 seconds and release until red light comes on and then wait upto 20 seconds for battery to update.

More features to added, if you have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to ask and we’ll try to add it.

INCLUSION INSTRUCTIONS: It is recommended to install the Device Handler BEFORE paring the device for easier setup.

  1. Bring device within 5 of hub
  2. To pair the device, Select Add New Device from the MarketPlace on your ST phone app
  3. The light should be flashing, if not then press the program button for 5 seconds and release it, now it should be flashing red
  4. If the light is solid red, if not then you need to exclude it first (see below)
  5. Press program button for about 1 second and leave it
  6. It should complete pairing within 30 seconds and the light should go solid
  7. After pairing is complete, press the program button for 5 seconds and release until red light comes on and then wait upto 20 seconds for battery to update.

EXCLUSION INSTRUCTIONS: If you deleted the device without excluding it won’t pair up again until you exclude it.

  1. Set the hub into exclude mode (log into the IDE → My Hub → View Utilities → Z-Wave Exclude.
  2. Bring device within 5 ft of hub
  3. Put hub into exclusion mode
  4. The light should be solid red, if not then press the button for 5 seconds and release it, now it should be solid red
  5. Press the button for 1 second and leave it
  6. When the exclusion is successful the light start flashing


  • 15268 / 15270 : Remove the cover and open/close the door/window 10 times within 10 seconds (or you can swipe the magnet past the sensor 10 times within 10 seconds)

  • 24259 : Press and hold the Z-button for 20 seconds, the lights will flashing after about 5 seconds, keep holding it until the lights stop flashing


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This device type handler is available on the RBoy Apps Server. Refer to our website or facebook page below to get access to the server.

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Do you know if this Device Handler will also work with the Aeon Recessed Door sensor?


Can’t say, if you have access to RBoy Apps you can try it out. If they’re built from the same hardware it may work but this will definitely work with the Monoprice recessed sensor.

Often products have a few variations between manufacturers, you can always send us a request for developing custom handlers and if enough folks ask for it we’ll build it.

We had a lot of requests for supporting Monoprice products because they are extremely competitively priced. For e.g. the Aeon recessed sensor is $40 where as the Monoprice is $25 BEFORE the RBOY discount.

Labor Day Sale Alert: Folks, Monoprice has a 15% off sale running here and if you combine it with the RBoy Apps 15% you can buy this device for under $18. It’s a steal!!

Looking forward to trying out this DTH.

RBoy - FYI…Monoprice no longer is honoring your promo code for the recessed sensor. “Promoted” items are limited to:

Product ID Name
15270 Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor, NO LOGO
15271 Z-Wave Plus PIR Motion Detector with Temperature Sensor, NO LOGO
15902 Z-Wave Plus PIR Multi Sensor, Temperature - Humidity - Light

@RBoy are you planning on making a handler for the 24259 window/door sensors?


Official Monoprice Door/Window Sensor Device Type - Version 02.00.00

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@RBoy the 15% off RBOY coupon code has expired.

“RBOY expired on 12/31/2017 and is no longer valid.”

I have 4 of the 24259 door/window sensors. I updated the DH on them all last week. Immediately one of them showed (and has continued to show) the tamper switch info, the other 3 just show Request update. Any reason they all wouldn’t show the Tamper info by now?

The tamper tile will only show up when there is a tampering reported by the device. Open and close your sensor to reset the tamper notification. Once reset it will disappear, see the screenshot in the first post.

Ah ha, that explains it. Thanks for that.

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Official Monoprice Door/Window Sensor Device Type - Version 02.01.00

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RBoy Apps and Monoprice bring you a Presidents Day deal for your SmartHome. Get 15% off popular devices. Use code RBOYPRES (offer expires Feb 25th or while stocks last)


Hi - I have some senors already in the system with the default handler. How can I have the sensors start using your handler? I’ve installed it already but I don’t know how to change the existing sensors.

Check out the installation instruction page for device handlers, Starting Step 9 on how to update existing devices to use the new handler.


I open and close the door but the tamper button does not change?

The tamper tile is to show if someone has opened the sensor housing, not the contact.

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@RBoy is there a way to add in to the code a sensorBinaryGet as done in this thread Is there a way to recheck a door sensor? | I’m always getting an open sensor when in fact the sensor is closed. its just someone may have opened and closed the door too fast to register the second command of the door being shut so the hub never actually receives the closed command from the sensor. so if we can force the sensor at its next wakeup interval to recheck the sensor this would resolve the issue and the door would be registering properly. Thoughts?

The platform can process events up to 1ms apart after the recent update (thanks @gausnes) earlier it was about 20ms), so unless the door is opening and closing faster that may not be concern. More than like your z-wave mesh is weak and the events are being buffered and getting lost. Try to add a repeater within 30-40ft of your sensor and that should help. Z-wave is an event driven technology and creating a good strong mesh resolves most issues.

As for reading the sensor state, you can click on the request update button and the next time the sensor wakes up (it’s a sleepy device and sleeps for up to 12 hours if there are no events to report to conserve battery, so setting it to wake up too often isn’t a good idea either) the DTH will force a re-read of the sensor settings.

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@rboy Okay I actually have a few repeaters all near by. I have a light switch within 1 foot of the sensor i have a repeater within 10 feet. I even have a lightbulb/repeater within 15ft. and the door itself has a kwikset zwave lock that is handled by your dht. and none of these other devices have issues. only the door sensor. could the magnet be too close or not far enough way i read that could cause the issue. maybe another zwave repair maybe needed.