SHM dismiss when disarmed

I am using SHM with the new app. When the SHM is armed I open the front door, a sensor is triggered and a security - intrusion detected - is activated. I then disarm the SHM, but I do not want to dismiss the security incidents. Even when the SHM is disarmed, the alarm still goes off due to the fact that a security incident is not dismissed.
This is quite annoying when using a keypad, which does not automatically dismisses the security incident. Any solution to automatically dismiss the security incidents when the SHM is disarmed?

Just for clarity, you mean STHM (new V3 app), not SHM (V2 classic app), right?

The issue concerns STHM. I don’t understand which rule I need to create to get the dismiss of the security.

As far as I can recall you can’t automate dismissing intrusion alerts, which means you manually need to dismiss them. Probably by design I suspect.


That’s by design of STHM as John pointed out. If you’re using a ZigBee keypad you could check out this app from RBoy Apps which lets you create your own security system using a keypad to arm and disarm your setup: [RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions - Entry Delay, Exit Delay, Countdowns, Keypads, Lights, Alarms, Pictures/Cameras, Routines