SmartThings Home Monitor not working

I have been using the SmartThing Home Monitor for almost a year now. The other day I got home, disabled the alarm and all my sensors were still activated even though both my phone (Android) and my wifes(iPhone) both showed the alarm disabled.
I am using GoControl sensors with RBoy handlers and all are updated. Also, tried new and old SmartThings apps both do the same.

I called support and removed the SmartThing Home monitor SmartApp and all associated to it but the alarm was still going off when motion was picked up or a door was open.

It was escaleted to tier 2 and after more than 4 days and a couple call backs to them am now being told they are too busy to respond to tier 2 requests beacuse of the holiday season and it could be up to another week maybe before anyone gets back with me. I asked for an exchange on the unit but was told that process is another 30+ days to do. To say the least I have a useless unit and support sucks!

Has anyone come across this issue and how was it fixed.

Have you ever used SHM in the Classic app? SHM in the Classic and STHM in the new app are completely separate so if the alarm goes off in both, you would need to dismiss the alarm in both apps.

When you receive the alerts… the classic would display one large circlewith the alert and the new app would display the 6 smaller circles. That is one way to determine quickly which is sending the alert.

I see where some users simply remove the classic app and think it also removes SHM setup in the classic but it doesn’t since it continues to run in the cloud. You would need to reinstall if this is the case and remove all the setups for SHM and then you can remove the app.


Are you still receiving motion alerts? If so, please let me know when they occurred and I can take a look. You can DM me instead if you prefer.

That happened to me yesterday with STHM. Weirdest thing. I chalked it up to the same problem as the missed motion events and virtual switches. Except I was able to finally get the system disarmed.

Hi Brad, I disconnected the hub as it kept going off and waking my kids up.

I wish my would stop. When I called in the first time they told me they had a few of the same calls but no resolution.

I went I to the classic app after I redownload it and removed it as well and still did not work.

You probably did but just want to make sure that you acknowledged the alarm by clicking on the notification in SHM before you deleted it. I think it asks you if it was a false alarm.

Yeah I did that as well. I even went on the webpage and deleted the home monitor to ensure there were no traces.

If the alarm is going off even after uninstalling SHM (assuming you’ve uninstalled SHM and STHM) then it could be another app that’s triggering the alarm when the sensors are set off. Check that you don’t have an alternative security app installed (eg Intruder Alert with actions or a WebCoRE rule or some other automation) which may be triggering the alarm. If you have the Classic app you can check the recently tab of the alarm device page in My Things to see what’s triggering the alarm.

I do have both webcore and Intruder alert but don’t see anything in there that would trigger this to happen. I have had these settings for about 6 months and this just happened out of the blue with no changes. I unplugged the hub for a couple days and plugged it back in an hour ago and so far so good. I set up my home monitoring again and will see what happens.

Side not great apps you have, thank you.

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We have noticed in the past that sometimes the platform resets the configured “operating modes” of an app which then can cause them to trigger in any mode. Just a sanity check, open the apps/rules and check the operating modes and save them again. If that is indeed the case do report it to ST support so they can investigate why the mode setting was reset by itself.

Ok good call I will login again and see if there is anything out of the norm.

Do you have the time of the most recent occurrence? Is it possible the alerts are being triggered by IFTTT?

I connected it back on Saturday after it was off for 2 days and readded my home monitor again and it has been working since then. Very strange as I didn’t change anything just deleted my home monitor from the web and unplugged the unit.
I do have iftt but nothing that would trigger the alarm.