[RELEASE] Centralite Night Light Repeater (3420)

RBoy Apps is now a SmartThings partner for Centralite

This Device Handler is for the ZigBee Centralite Night Light Repeater

The 3420-G Night Light Repeater is a ZigBee mains powered repeater with a dimmable light and battery backup from Centralite.

Classic App

Key Features

  • Runs on a A/C mains with a built in 24 hour Lithium battery (the battery need to be connected while installing)
  • Acts as a ZigBee repeater, even when running on battery
  • Has a dimmable LED night light that can be controlled via this DTH (on/off and set brightness)
  • Has a multi colored LED (fixed or rotating up to 1 million colors) set using the multi-button
  • Provides emergency ZigBee repeating and signal lighting in the event of a power outage
  • The rate of dimming can be adjusted through the device preferences from 1 to 10 seconds
  • Works with the new and Classic ST mobile app

The Night Light Repeater is available at


  • The lithium battery need to be attached at first install for battery backup to work
  • To change the rate of dimming, use the device preferences page (click on the gear icon in the Classic ST app on the device page). Rate of dimming does not impact the on/off, just the brightness controls
  • To change the color on the LED, pres and hold the LED button the device
  • To set it to continuous color changing mode, tap the LED button twice on the device (tap once to cancel)
  • When the mains power goes off, it will flash red twice and automatically switches to battery mode and the LED comes on (emergency mode). When the power is restored the LED goes off (unless it was turned on manually)
  • If the device loses communication with the hub, turn it off and then on and it should rejoin the hub. You may need to enable rejoin for your hub from your IDE -> My Hubs -> View Utilities -> Allow Unsecure Rejoin under ZigBee Utilities for this to work
  • ZigBee devices are susceptible to interference from WiFi devices, so keep it atleast 5ft from nearest WiFi devices/routers

INCLUSION INSTRUCTIONS: It is recommended to install the Device Handler BEFORE paring the device for easier setup.

  1. If you are unsure about the device state factory reset the device first otherwise it won’t pair (see below)
  2. To pair the device, Select Add New Device on your ST phone app
  3. Plug the device into the wall socket
  4. The lights should start flashing once pairing starts and even after pairing ends
  5. It should complete pairing within 30 seconds


  • Press the LED button on the device while plugging it into the A/C wall socket


  • The device works best when it’s within about 30ft of a repeater or hub and has a repeating range of about 30ft - 100ft (depending on objects/positions/signal reflections)
  • After initial pairing if you move the device to a different location it can take time for the zigbee mesh to update it’s location during which time it may not be able to communicate with the hub

More features to added, if you have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to ask and we’ll try to add it.

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I thought Centralite went bankrupt?

Restructuring I think. They supply for Xfinity (and were for IRIS), some white labeling and now looking at direct retail. This was developed using samples sent to us by them for the retail market.
These devices are pretty cool and still available through third party suppliers/Xfinity. I hope to see them in retail soon. They have sent us some interesting products which are still awaiting a custom DTH.

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Is the light controllable (color and on/off) via zigbee? Wanting something like this for an alarm status light.

Yes you can turn the light on / off and set the brightness (and even rate of change of brightness) using the DTH.
The color however can only be set using the button on the device. It has two modes, fixed color and rotating colors. See the first post for more details.

Should be a good complement to your alarm as a stay light as it’s has a 24 hr battery backup. You can use it with SmartLighting or SHM to create custom Automations.

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Thanks @RBoy, I’ve been wanting this device for a very long time.


Hi @RBoy, so even though their documentation implies you can control color via a hub, you can’t?

Color and Brightness Control
With over one million color combinations and 100
brightness levels, the Night Light Repeater offers
endless customization for perfect illumination. In
addition to control by a hub, the Night Light features a
diffuser multi-button for controlling dimming and color
from the device.

Use night light color and brightness for scenes.
The 3-Series Night Light Repeater allows users
to control its color and brightness. These can be
programmed to complement existing lighting scenes
and can also be controlled directly from the device by
pressing and holding the diffuser multi-button on the
bottom of the device.

Heck, even their Zigbee spec says it should allow color control, although the XML doesn’t have the cluster needed? What’s up with that.

That’s kind of a bummer that all you can control remotely is the dim level.

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Dang, thanks for sharing and for your work. Been looking for something like this for ever and a day! Ordered one from Ebay to play with it.

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The specifications docs they sent us says that color is controlled by the led button. I’ve explained in the first post how to change the colors and color modes. Also verified that the device doesn’t support the clusters required to change color via ZigBee.

So it brightness control and on/off via ZigBee (+rate control for brightness change as a bonus).

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Yeah, I figured that. That’s unfortunate since their other material makes it sounds like color is controllable. Unfortunately I’ll have to pass on this device. I was really looking for a nightlight with color. I’m doing that with my Halos, but i wanted something closer to the floor than the ceiling.

Thanks for the reply.