[RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

There is a delay for the alarm that you can specify in seconds. However there’s no delay to arm the app but that can be done for the next release. Anything else you’d like to see in it?

Would it be possible to generate a “warning beep” from a sensor like the aeotec gen5 during that “wait to alarm” period? This is how many security systems work and it’s great as a reminder to disable the alarm in case you forget and then it goes off.

I don’t know of any capability that can be invoked to set of a “warning beep” for any device. AFAIK the only options are Alarm On and Alarm Off or if you have a Music System that’ speech enabled, use that to provide an audio warning. There is an option for silent alarm (lights flashing) but I know of atleast one Alarm (Utilitech) that doesn’t honor the silent part. The other option would be send a notification when the system is armed.

maybe a notification & text that says something like “alarm will sound in _ seconds”

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I forgot to mention, you can set a delay in arming based on “resident” motion sensors, ie. as long as there is movement in the motion sensors specified it wont’ arm, it’ll arm X minutes after it stops. Just the notification is missing which we can add.

Intruder Alert with Alarms, Lights and Camera Pictures - Version 2.0.0

  • Added support to notify user when system is armed
  • Added support for more detailed notifications like arming estimate and alarm modes
  • Fixed an issue with SMS alerts not being sent always
  • General improvements

NOTE: Make sure you open the SmartApp, check the settings and hit DONE after installing this update to reinitialize the settings

Setup Help Request.
A few questions/help needed about the Intruder Alert app:

  • What is the best way to disable an alarm after it has been tripped? I have tried executing a routine which changes the mode to Home (not associated in the operating modes section) but my zwave siren continues to alert.
  • The delay siren doesn’t seem to be working as it begins to start going off almost immediately.
  • Silent Alarm Only section, what is the purpose of this? I would assume that if you don’t want your siren to trigger that you would just remove it from the “Which Alarms(s)” section, but I am probably missing something.

My setup looks like this(skipping blank sections):

Contact Sensors

  • Back Door Sensor
  • Front Door Sensor
  • Sliding Door Sensor

Door Locks

  • Front Door

Which Alarm(s)

  • Siren

Delay in seconds before siren sounds (optional)

  • Siren

Silent alarm only

  • No (tried both settings, no change in outcome. Siren goes off)

Turn on these lights

  • Living Room Light

Flash these lights

  • Dining Room Light

Send this message (optional)

*Alarm Tripped

To This Phone

  • (my phone number)

Delay arming time (minutes)

  • 1

Operating Modes (optional)

  • Night
  • Away

I have installed the most current version of the app.

I have setup a disarm routine to do it, that works for me but you seem to have issues with that. The routine also changes the mode for me which ensures that the SmartApp doesn’t rearm the system
The other way would be to just turn off the alarm from the ST phone app

Hmm this is actually linked to your next question. Most Alarms should have two modes of operations:

  1. Strobe - where only the light comes on (Silent mode)
  2. Strobe + Sound - where the light and sound comes on

Some of the alarms in the market like the Utilitech don’t seem to honor the strobe mode and start the sound alarm when asked to strobe only (light). So the SmartApp does request the alarm to be only in strobe mode when you’ve configured delayed but it looks like your alarm isn’t honoring it and is setting off the sound alarm.

Where do the picture go? Is it possible to have ST text the picture along with the alert?

No ST doesn’t allow that

alrighty how about this,

My main goal is that When my doorbell is rung I get a picture of who is on my doorstep on my phone.

The door bell is currently hooked up to a Nexia Doorbell Sensor (DB100Z) with this device handler

I tried to add a switch to this smartapp but failed due to lack of know how to do that.

I have a couple of different foscam currently (C1, FI9831P, FI9900P) and all of these have a built in email and FTP functions. Is it possible to push a command via the doorbell to trigger one of those functions?

That’s how others are doing it, configure your foscam to email you a picture when there’s motion detection. Unfortunately foscam can’t be forced to email a picture, so you enable motion detection on Foscam and configure it as above and when you see motion it’ll email you a picture.

I’ve managed to butcher your lovely code into some that will do what I want

When my door bell rings the following happens.

An sms is sent
Cameras take pictures within the app,
Motion sensors on the camera turn on
lights turn on (and turn green if you have hue or other color bulbs)
Everything turns off after X minutes.

I still have to set up in the Foscam software to email pictures when the camera’s are on. I’m hoping to email to my cell provides mms via this. that’ll take a little bit of backend though.

I’m hesitent to post the code since its a butchery of Rboy’s code.

EDIT: Got the email backend working. I get pictures texted to me almost instantly. Really cool.
EDIT2: Custom Bulb Colors!


Yes and also that the license doesn’t allow for redistribution, it’s only for personal use :slight_smile:

Great to hear you for your camera email working. One of the reasons we didn’t include turning off after X minutes was that’s it’s very easy to miss the intruder alarm on your phone. Don’t want to accidentally turn it off and not know about it. I’ve have personally had situations when it took me 39 minutes to realize the alarm had been set off.

The best way to turn it off is to create a Disarm routine which runs off the alarm, changes mode etc.

BTW the rest of the things you should be able to do. Turn on camera motion through the lights switch etc. did we miss something there?

I did manage to put in a if check to see my camera was on or off and leave it as is after X minutes of being on. Being the peon that I am it only works with one camera and i had to define it twice in the smart app. @RBoy care to take a look at the butchery of your code?

I didn’t quite understand the use case/intent of this.

It’s for the case if my camera is on before the doorbell rings the smart app won’t automatically turn it off.


Although now that i think about it It would be way easier if i just excluded and switch that is currently on from the smart app altogether. IS there a way to selectively remove switches from the input?.

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Intruder Alert with Alarms, Lights and Camera Pictures - Version 2.0.1

  • Clarified some options
  • Now if you leave the delay in arming empty it will arm immediately

Intruder Alert with Alarms, Lights and Camera Pictures - Version 2.1.0

  • Added support for detecting Tamper Alert devices
  • Added ability to automatically check for updates to the SmartApps and Devices code used and notify user

###After updating the code, please open the SmartApp and click on Done. Without this step the automatic code checks/notifications will not take effect.

I get the following errors when I try to “Install” the app from the simulator:

grails.validation.ValidationException: Validation Error(s) occurred during save():

What am I doing wrong?