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[RELEASE] Vision Siren Enhanced Z-Wave Plus Device Handler

The Enhanced Vision Z-Wave Plus Siren device handler


This is battery operated (4xAA) very loud 105dB Siren and Flashing Strobe with 3 operating modes (Siren, Strob, Both) and a configurable auto turn off timer.

The device can be bought directly from The Smartest House here for about $30


  1. Monitor and control the Siren operating mode for improved reliability
    • Siren
    • Strobe
    • Both
  2. Set the auto turn off time
    • Never (default)
    • 30 seconds
    • 1 minute
    • 2 minutes
  3. Report the battery level
  4. Support for the new ST app and Classic ST app
  5. Support for v1 and v2 hub fingerprinting for easy identification
  6. Manual refresh/setting synchronization
  7. Easy to use configuration page with detailed explanations for all the parameters
    • Set default operating mode (Strobe, Siren, Both) when device is turn On like a switch
  8. Reporting device tampering to SmartThings (as a tamper device capability)


Click here for instructions. Ideally install the Device Handler BEFORE pairing the device for easy setup


  • Exclude the device if it hasn’t been already excluded to put it into pairing mode. When in pairing mode, the LED in front of the siren should be flashing. If it stops flashing, press the Tamper button for 1 second and release it
  • Bring the device within 5ft of the hub
  • Start the device discovery/pairing mode on the ST Classic mobile app
  • Press the Tamper button on the siren for 1 second and then release it (you may have to do this multiple times)
  • The LED should stop flashing and within 30 seconds you should see the device discovered


  • Remove the covering of the siren, if the Siren turn on, turn it off using the ST mobile app (this is important as the exclusion will not work when the siren is active)
  • Put your ST hub into exclusion mode using the Classic or new ST app
  • Press the Tamper button for 1 second and then release it (you may need to this a few times)


  • The device automatically sets off the siren when the covering is removed (however it does not report it to SmartThings so it will show as off)
  • When switching operating modes (Siren <-> Strobe <-> Both), it can take up to 10 seconds for the device to switch it’s mode
  • It is best to operate this device within 20ft of a Z-Wave repeater buffering device, especially if you’re changing operating modes often
  • After installing the back plate it takes about 5 seconds for the device to enter self protection mode where the alarm will trigger if the plate is removed


Low Battery: If your battery falls below 20% consider replacing it. The device may stop sending updates if the battery falls below this level.

More features to added, if you have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to ask and we’ll try to add it.

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