SmartThings Home Monitor not working at all!


I’m having trouble with SmartThings Home Monitor in the new app. I have added/installed home monitor from the smart apps section in the new app but now when I what to set what sensors to use to monitor the house it sent this kind of message showed on the picture.
I tried deleting and then adding again but same thing. I have SmartThings v3 hub(EU). I have checked my internet connection and everything works just fine so it’s not a internet problem. Also Hub is connected to the internet.
Can someone please help me solve this problem?

OK… will take a shot but may or may not be able to resolve so I should point out that you should contact ST support - click on the menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen) and choose Contact us and attach logs.

  1. are you using UK English or US English on your mobile device?
  2. are you using any type of malware blocking such as adguard, vpn or pihole on your home network?
  3. I would have said uninstall STHM and add it back but you already tried that unless you were referring to the ST app itself that you deleted and reinstalled?
  4. try clearing your app cache
  1. I think I’m using US English, I’m not sure because I don’t know how to check that but I always choose US English for any application that I install.
  2. I’m not using any malware at all
    3 and 4. I did both, and since I deleted smartthing app and reinstalled it, the caches were cleaned.

Thank you for your response even if this doesn’t help.

I also reported a problem in SmartThings app under “Contact us” so I’m waiting on their response too.

Uninstall STHM and reinstall it

Menu (3 bars in upper left of screen)
Choose SmartApps
Click on more (3 dots in upper right of screen)
Choose delete
Select STHM

Then add it back from add smartapp

I did all that and still reports that same “network problem”

Contact ST support :slight_smile:

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The platform was having some issue over the weekend causing an SHM outage for folks. It should be working now.

If not you may want to check out this app for building your own security system: