Whats everyone using for iris keypad in 2021?

Several years ago I set up an iris keypad from Lowe’s to work with smart alarm and user lock manager. It worked great for several years, I did some housework and had to remove the keypad off the wall and haven’t put it back up for about a year now. When i put it back up last week I found that I can no longer arm or disarm from the keypad. I input the code that I have stored in there and it beeps like it excepts it but it does not change the mode or run my routine. It does still beep when the doors are opened or when the house is put into an away mode for the delay.

What are folks using these days to get an iris keypad to work? I do not like using the smart things built an alarm as it does not allow me to send text messages to multiple numbers and last I checked I could not have entry and exit delays.

I tried searching through the community but it is so saturated with topics about the iris keypad it is hard to determine what really works

Edit: I do see that smart home monitor allows multiple phone numbers and response delays. However, it looks like those response delays are always active, not just active when the home is away. I would not want response delays if I was in a nighttime mode and was home

im still using @RBoy DTH

See this DTH for the IRIS keypad

And these instructions on how to use it with STHM

Or build your own custom security system

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