Sonos as Sirens in new app

So I was migrated from classic last night and it sure seems like everything broke! SMH Delay is currently disabled and I can’t even get into ethayer’s Lock Manager settings.(I’ll deal with those later.) But the real problem is that my security system no longer scares people away!!

I’ve spent 3 hours on this today, including calling Samsung 2x (no help!) so I apologize if I am missing something easy here. In the classic app, right in SMH, I had it set up so that my 3 sonos speakers would blare a siren sound when an intrusion is detected. The sound persisted until I disarmed the alarm either through the app or the iris keypad I had set up. In the new app and new SMH, I can play some built-in sounds through my sonos speakers but they last for about 4 seconds and then stop.

I’ve tried automations and the speaker smart app but i can’t find any way to control either what is being played or the duration a built in sound is being played. If it wasn’t clear up until this point, I don’t own a device that would be recognized as a siren in SMH. I realize that I can buy one and solve the problem but I am hoping I can just get back to where I was where I had 3 sirens (sonos)!

Any help is much appreciated.

You may want to try using a SmartApp which can trigger a siren through your Sonos first and see if they still turn off after a seconds or not. That will help you figure out where the issue may lie.

Here are a few apps which can use the Sonos:

[RELEASE] Door Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors

[RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions