Grace time to turn Smarthings Home Monitor off before triggering automation

Hey guys,

Im playing round with virtual switches and SmartThings Home Monitor. I have an automation that once Home Monitor is turned on and it picks up motion it will set a siren off. But I need to give my self some grace time to deactivate it with Alexa and I cant see a “wait” function.

How are people doing this?

It should have a delay option available but if it’s not showing up then you may need something like this: [RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

It has a “delay” for entry and exit actions giving your time to disarm or exit the house before it triggers things. It can be used in conjunction with STHM dashboard using virtual switches.

I was actually looking at your app, looks quite cool. I just want to get a proof of concept running before I start buying things though.

I don’t actually have a siren, I’m using a virtual switch to trigger an Alexa skill, so I’m trying to find a way to make that hard to turn off and as I said set a delay on running the automation.

Does anyone know how to do that?

Also looking though automations, under “if”, there is all conditions, or any condition. Is there a way to add “and”

So if smart home monitor is armed and I get motion from this sensor, or that one, then do a thing?

I can also see that you do Audio Notifications like fire alarms does that mean I can use your app to play an Alarm though an Alexa speaker that cant be turned off without a code or some kind of imput in the Smartthings app?

Also notifications in your app, I’m in AU does the SMS function work?

You can has Audio notifications with any device that supports audio playback. At this time Alexa doesn’t support it, only voice notifications through Echo Speaks. However you can use a Bose or Sonos to play audio files and speak messages.

SmartThings limits SMSs to the US for now.

Ahh ok, got excited for a min there, but this wont work for me.

Thanks so much for the answers though :slight_smile:

There is a siren delay and delay for all actions available in the Response setup of STHM.

Yes I think I found it thanks :slight_smile: