My Iris to Smartthings migration experience

Thanks. Does this apply to both the Zen22 and Zen27? Or just the Zen27?

I have both…

One odd bit of weirdness I noted. My Iris 3rd gen Zigbee smart plug dropped off the network yesterday. Come to find out, the dog was playing in the kitchen and managed to knock the smart plug out of its socket!


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So latest update on my deployment. Finances are getting a bit in the way of completing this in a super timely fashion, but here is where I am…

As you know from this thread… (6 posts up from this one at the time of this writing) I am fairly far along, the Zen27 for the bedroom hallway is obtained and installed. This was primarily a cosmetic issue. My wife had me after I removed the “Crackled Crystal” style single bulb fixture from the master bath in favor of the Hampton Bay Caffe Patina dual bulb fixture controlled by a Zen27, well she had me paint the white plastic base a textured “antique gold” color, and swap out the original fixture with frosted white globe for the gold base / crackled crystal globe.

At that point the Sylvania Smart + bulb was not cosmetically appropriate. So I snagged some of the stubby medium base Edison style LED dimmable bulbs (FEIT electronics) and another Zen27 as they dim, and handle single bulb implementations…

I feel bad because I should have taken a photo to post, it REALLY is nice…

Our humidity has been a bit out of control so far this year, and the budget hasn’t allowed for AC replacement fully quite yet, so I am during the day, since my wife is home, using my workshop AC in the living room / kitchen area where she is working during the day and running the main AC up to 78 deg F to reduce energy use. The workshop AC is a 13K BTU 110V portable unit that vents through a window adapter.

We use ADT for monitoring both in away and stay modes especially with what is going on at the neighbors house. A friend of theirs was arrested for smoking dope in their car in fromt of the house. Mind you I don’t care if you smoke dope, not my thing, but with all the cars coming and going to that house, I suspect they are selling, which can cause LOTS of problems…

Anyway, I have been trying to rig a secondary sensor magnet for the window sensor that the AC vents through. I have it working for the window unit we are using in the bedroom. But for some reason the kitchen sensor just isn’t playing nice with the Iris sensor magnet…

I would LOVE to lay my hands on a few ADT / ST sensor magnets if I could get them at a fair price. But I suspect I’d be better off just buying a few extra sensors.

I have picked up a few ceiling fans from Habitat For Humanity ReStore, that are in top shape, but aren’t cosmetically 100% that I have been refreshing. I am ready to swap one of them in with the master bedroom fan, which will allow me to install and configure the Hampton Bay ZigBee ceiling fan / light controller for that room.

My next steps are.

#1. Watch for sales on the Hampton Bay controllers. I need 2 more.
#2. Watch for sales on the GE / Jasco Ceiling fan controller only for the living room fan.
#2a. Drop living room celiing fan, strip the clear coat and scuff the bright brass finish. Refinish with Oil Rubbed Bronze, hand detail the ornamentation with gold leafing paint, and protect with clear coat. Reinstall.
#2b. Obtain and install Crackled Crystal globes for the bulbs on this fan. Hard to find but not impossible. Search HFH ReStores first, antique shops second…
#3. Keep monitoring, and snap up when available Zooz in wall ceiling fan speed / light Zwave Plus controller for hugger fan in master dressing room. At this time need to grab 50’ of 14/3 Romex with ground. Re wire circuit for fan, rewire 3 way circuit in main bathroom, install last Zen22 in that bathroom.
#4. Install newly refurbished ceiling fan in front room that currently has Hampton Bay Controller.
#4a. Strip and refurbish newly pulled front room fan. Swap to back bedroom, Install Hampton Bay controller in this fan. Donate fan assembly from back bedroom which is a good condition, but extremely simple cosmetically white fan with 4 bulb light kit, and 3 speeds. (Hampton Bay, 42").
#4b. Again, as finances and sales line up, obtain and install Hunter Space Discovery fan in middle bedroom / A.K.A. Home office / Studio. This room is a bit odd as the ceiling has a “star field” painted on it with several constellations done with glow in the dark paint. I bought the house that way and the space theme has grown on me… Install Hampton Bay controller here.

At this point, I have updated all of my ceiling fans, and every bit of lighting visible through the windows or outside of the house is automated. The following fixtures would still have smart bulbs instead of switches and more decorative bulbs…

Garage door / driveway. 1 single bulb. Replace smart bulb with smart switch. Zen26.
Front door. 2 bulb fixture. Replace fixture with the last Caffe Patina 2 bulb ceiling fixture , and swap in a Zen 26.
Laundry Room. Another Caffe Patina 2 bulb fixture. Need a Zen27 for this one.
Front bedroom closet. Want a Zen27 for this one. I know it’s a closet, but being able to control brightness depending on time of day could be a good feature.

I also want to implement additional lighting at the front of the house under the soffits to light up areas not covered by the front porch light / and the camera, but not the light of the Ring Spotlight cam cover. This is literally one spot. So run the wire, box etc… switched off of a Zen26,

Lastly, and I need to dig into this with some more seriousness than I have, but configure the Iris OC821 cameras to work with ST, or ditch them and come up with a good replacement.

Amazon Prime Day will be July 15 and 16, and that historically has also meant big sales at places like Home Depot, target, Walmart, Best Buy.

No guarantees that anybody will have anything on your list, but you never know. :sunglasses:

We got a smart ceiling fan at a great price last year. It’s not smartthings – compatible, but we’re still happy with it.

The ceiling fans I am springing for new are…

#1. Honeweyll Sabal Palm in bronze with the bowl style light kit.

#2. Hunter Space Discovery Ceiling Fan. A bit bit for the space, but I will make it work…

Of course I am going to be watching for the Zwave Plus fan speed control.

I somewhat doubt @TheSmartestHouse is going to have Prime Day sales, but not like I am not going to be watching…

Looking for suggestions for the flood light(s). Don’t need additional cameras in these spots, just lights that have ST compatible motion sensors that I can use to log and trigger the Ring cameras if possible…

No Prime deals (sellers hardly make any money on Amazon these days between the fees, “lost inventory”, damaged returns, and pressure to buy ads, keep that in mind!) BUT we’ll have great prices on Zooz switches and some other Z-Wave devices starting Monday for our annual 4th of July Super Sale :slight_smile:


You know I’m chomping at the bit for that upcoming ceiling fan and light controller I’ve got one hugger fan that desperately needs it 3

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So we were at Walmart earlier today and I saw that in their great value brand of LED lights they have T8 / T12 direct swap replacement tubes for just under $9 a pair. These are the kind that you do not have to remove the ballast the you just swap the new bulbs in period I have 7 sharp light fixtures let need replacement bulbs and the FEIT electronic’s bulbs which are the closest replacements I can find go for $14 a pair so at $5 difference a pair I think I’m going to go with the great values.

So pending updates for the Iris Migration / upgrade project are as follows.

Items that I already have or are on order.

  • Rewire the 3 way in the guest bathroom and integrate the last Zen22. Have the wire, need to restring this thing. Ick… Delaying it for cooler weather.
  • On order, GE 3 way Zwave Plus ceiling fan controller. WIll install this weekend. This completes the switching in the living room.
  • Refurbished Hampton Bay tropical ceiling fan to be installed in the Master Bedroom. Hampton Bay ZigBee controller to be installed at that time. Again most likely this weekend. I am truly hopeful this works out as this fan should not only look way better and be compatible with the controller, but also move a LOT more air than my existing one.
  • Start digging back into configuring the Iris OC821 outdoor cameras for use with SmartThings. My first attempt was a miserable failure, however I have an idea of what I did wrong…
  • Replace current front bedroom closet fixture with the new fixture my wife found and loves.
  • Replace the kitchen ceiling fan schoolhouse light kit with one that better fits our style, and is ready to go now…
  • Replace the front porch light fixture from the mid 1980s with the fresh new Caffe Patina fixture that has been waiting to be installed…

Future expansion / things I haven’t purchased yet but am planning on for the system.
Basic on / off switches (Zooz Zen26) needed for.

  • Main bathroom fixture.
  • Front porch fixture.
  • Driveway fixture.

Lighting swaps.

  • Swap out current T12 flourescent tube bulbs in garage workshop shoplight fixtures for the Daylight White LED tubes from Walmart. This completes my conversion of my lighting from incandescent and flourescent to fully LED.

2 more Zen27 dimmers needed for.

  • Laundry Room fixture.
  • Front bedroom closet fixture.

New wiring, RGBW controller power supplies and light strips for the following.

  • Mirror surrounds for both bathrooms.
  • Ceiling surround trim for all 3 bedrooms.
  • Up, and down firing lighting from the guitar hanger cleats (boards run fully around the room that my guitar hangers are on.
  • Below cabinet lighting in the kitchen.

Ceiling fan / controller updates.

  • The home office / studio space is also getting a Hunter Space Discovery ceiling fan, and the ceiling will be getting a custom paint job. Obtain and add Hampton Bay Zigbee controller.
  • The back bedroom will be getting the existing ceiing fan, and older Hampton Bay, refurbished with fresh blades, updated globes, and a good cleaning, coat of fresh paint along with some hand painted details. Obtain and add Hampton Bay Zigbee controller.
  • Dressing room hugger style ceiling fan. I am pending release of the Zooz Zwave Plus in wall ceiling fan / light controller. I understand this will require 14/3 with ground, which is what is going in to the main bathroom as well, so these will, assuming timely release of the zooz switch, be fall / winter projects this year. A good cleaning, new globes and that controller and its done.

Security Additions.

  • Obtain 4 more Utilitech Zwave sirens. Mount one in each bedroom and the office / studio space.

Voice control / smart speaker / proof I’m not concerned with companies listeing in at home…

  • Add second echo to master bedroom, with an echo sub, match them as a stereo / sub group and attach via bluetooth to the TV output.
  • Add stereo echos and sub to living room paired to TV output.
  • Move 3rd gen Echo Dot to front bedroom.
  • Add 3rd generation Echo Dot to office / studio and back bedroom.
  • Move current 2nd generation echo dot from front bedroom, to workshop / garage.
  • Wall mount all echo dots. Not certain a “hanger” is needed as 3M mounting tape should do the job nicely.

Logic / programming once it is all done.

  • Ceiling fan controls function off of pistons that will read temp from the Iris motion sensors and adjust fan speed accordingly unless fan is set to Comfort Breeze setting.
  • Add LED lighting strips to existing smart lighting for each involved space.

So you see, I have gotten a lot done, but I have so much more to get done it’s not even funny.

  • GE 3 way Zwave Plus ceiling fan controller in living room. Installed. And somewhat disappointed this has 3 speeds instead of 4 + the Comfort Breeze, but it works.
  • Refurbished Hampton Bay tropical ceiling fan. Destination changed by my wife (this happens a LOT). Configured with the Hampton Bay controller. Needs some work on balancing, but otherwise, REALLY nice fan.
  • Replaced the kitchen ceiling fan schoolhouse light kit with one that better fits our style, and is ready to go now…

This work has caused me some additional work I wasn’t expecting.

  • Former front bedroom fan assembly, blade brackets etc… The polished brass finish to be stripped, roughed up enough to hold paint. In turn this is to be painted with the oiled bronze finish paint, and clear coated in matte clear coat. An alternative light kit will be sourced for this fan as it is a triple bulb style and just doesn’t fit anything. This will install in the master bedroom, and have the Hampton Bay ZigBee controller set up on it.

Okay some updates to this project. This thread is morphing into a what I should have done with Iris but SmartThings is allowing me to do thread…

#1. The Hampton Bay Palm Beach 48" ceiling fan is installed, with an add on light kit to the front bedroom and controlled with the Hampton bay controller as previously mentioned. The blades are getting balanced bit by bit, the fan only seems to wobble on the med-high setting, I am close, but not perfect… Getting there.

#2. Prime Day came and went with the 3 pack of Echo Dot 3rd generation in Sandstone showing up at my door. These are allocated to the 3 bedrooms along the one side of the house. The living room currently has a 3rd generation dot in charcoal. The 2nd generation echo dot previously in the front bedroom, is now in the workshop. I am looking for 20 amp smart outlets to replace my dumb ones. I want to be able to say Alexa Turn on the Dust Collector, or Alexa Turn on the air filter.

With the new Echo Dots, my wife wants me to make wall mount holders for them. I have fairly large quantites of well seasoned Pecan, Walnut, and Maple woods in my shop. I am considering making dot holders out of the Pecan as it goes iwth our Texas theme really well. This is going to be a bit tricky, but doable. I wish she would just let me 3M tape mount them up but nope, she wants something pretty as a mount…

The living room is slated to get a pair of Echos, with an Echo sub joined as a speaker group, assuming I can get good performance out of an echo for a bluetooth speaker for the TV. If that pans out, the 3rd gen charcoal gets shifted the studio, and the sandstone from there, gets shifted to the guest bathroom. I would consider one last one for the mast bathroom, but the master bedroom echo is within easy earshot of the bathroom. I just want to set up an extension speaker of some kind to work in the shower area so I can have music while I shower, instead of my horrible singing…

While the remodel / office move is going on, I am not going to futz with the OC821 cameras, yet, but that is on the schedule. There is a way I can get it going, which is to use the wired ethernet ports on them. I can easily create weather tight boots for the cables using silicone bottle caps and clear silicone sealant, so that is a standing option. I have plenty of cable, and plenty of ports available (24 port switch at the cabinet, only 16 used).

The longer I go with using the Ring doorbell and cameras, the latency between getting an alert, and activating a device to where I can see / interact with what is going on has REALLY gotten on my nerves. Ring needs to do something about it. My network latency is very low, and I am on 300+ mbps cable bandwidth, I’ve got strong WiFi signal to each device, insuring no Ring device is more than 20’ from a WiFi access point…

You may want to take a look at the following Polk Audio Soundbar with Alexa instead of trying to make your Home Theater work through Amazon Echos… Just another option that keeps you in the Alexa ecosystem, with a device designed to handle home theater sound.

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Hi. Sorry for cross posting. Here is my experience: I had an iris hub, keypad, outdoor cam, motions sensors, contact sensors, garage door opener, water leak sensor, smart plugs, a FirstAlert smoke&CO alarm, and a GoControl thermostat that were connected to the iris hub and all were working properly. After the iris shutdown, after a little bit of research, I decided to get the Samsung Smartthings Gen 3 hub since it seemed like the most compatible with my existing iris & iris compatible devices. First, I was able to connect the iris contact sensors easily. But having a problem to connect the iris motion sensors, smart plugs, the garage door opener, the water leak sensor, the GoControl thermostat and the FirstAlert Smoke&CO alarm. Is it a common problem? These devices are all listed under compatible devices with ST and they come up in the ST menu when i click on “add new device”. Haven’t tried the iris cam yet, it is the only one not compatible i think, but if I can connect all the others, I’ll be happy for now. Any help or insight will be appreciated.

Update: I was also able to pair/connect the GC thermostat and the iris motion sensor. No luck with the others that I mentioned above yet.

Update-2: After three trials of exclusion & pairing, i was just able to connect the iris garage door opener to my ST hub.

If your Iris devices are Zigbee Iris v1 devices, they will not pair with SmartThings. The only commercial hub that supports both Iris v1 and v2 devices is Hubitat.

Assuming your devices are Z-wave or Zigbee, they should pair after being either Excluded or Reset, respectively.

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After three trials of exclusion & pairing, i was just able to connect the iris garage door opener to my ST hub.


Another update: After a few tries of "exclude"ing and pairing, i paired the First Alert Smoke and CO detector to my ST hub.

The only devices I could not pair are iris water leak sensor and iris smartplug; tried a few times and i was unsuccessful.
I haven’t tried pairing my iris outdoor cam yet, it is not listed under supported iris devices. Could anyone confirm this?

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The camera is not supported. As for the leak sensor and outlet, without specific model numbers/links to the products, it’s very hard to provide additional assistance.


Which model cams? Which model SmartPlug?

I have an Iris 3rd generation smart plug that honestly seems to work better under SmartThings than it ever did under Iris. Pairing was easier, and it has never dropped…

The camera likely won’t be directly integrated into SmartThings. However there are some instructions to get certain Iris Cameras working to where you can bring data in via IFTTT. I have yet to fully give up on my first gen Iris outdoor cameras, OC821s.

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If you have a v1 keypad then ST won’t be able to help there but with the v2 and v3 keypads it shouldn’t be an issue. If you have access to RBoy Apps, you may also want to check out some of these apps which can take advantage of your v2/v3 keypads features:

Device handler to use your keypad: [RELEASE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Device Handler - Centralite, UEI, IRIS, Xfinity, Scout

A security app to replace SHM security module or use in conjunction with SHM along with a keypad: [RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

A lock manager which can be used with keypads and other apps: [RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

An app to leverage your Alexa setup to create custom notifications and also use your keypad as a chime: [RELEASE] Door Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors

If you have a v1 motion sensor I don’t believe it’ll work with ST (Hubitat has support for that). However the rest of your devices should work just fine. Most should work without any custom device handlers but some may need one to get the full functionality from them. Which devices are you having an issue with?

Iris Smartplug model no spg800
Water leak sensor does not have any model no info but says s/n OWL000009350 3315-L and also bunch of other bumbers on it.
The camera is OC821.
The iris sevurity keypad model no 3405-L.
I appreciate the help.

The smart plug and camera both are 1st generation Iris devices and are not directly compatible with smart things.

The water leak detector and keypad both look like 2nd generation Iris devices.

The keypad will require a come custom device handler. I ended up with the ADT smart things system so I didn’t have to try to carry over mine.

I cannot speak with any authority about the water leak sensor other them here is the link to the smart things support article regarding what I think is this device.

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