[RELEASE] Monoprice/Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensor with Temperature and Battery Device Type (Updated)

Monoprice and Linear/GoControl WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensors with Temperature Device Handler

These devices are a motion sensor which also have a temperature sensor built into it. This device handler also supports the Z-Wave Plus devices (they have slightly different specs but support has been added for them). Support has also been added for v1 and v2 hub ifingerprinting for easy identification. Ideally install the Device Handler BEFORE pairing the device for easy setup.

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Classic App

The Monoprice device can be bought directly from Monoprice for about $22 (free shipping) here: www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=10796

Monoprice has a new range of Z-Wave Plus devices for about $30 (free shipping) which can be found here:

The Linear/GoControl device can be bought from Amazon (about $36) here:

There are a few custom versions for this device type floating around on the forum but I found none of them work reliably (e.g. battery update issues) and didn’t like the UI. So I built one myself and fixed all the bugs.


  1. Motion Sensor
  2. Temperature Sensor (auto convert to F or C depending upon your location)
  3. Temperature offset (for correcting the temperature reported by the sensor)
  4. Battery level
  5. Configure the Inactivity timeout (the number of minutes since the last motion was detected after which the motion sensor sends a no motion detected event)
  6. Select the primary sensor (Motion / Temperature) to display on dashboard
  7. Request a manual update for the Temperature/Motion Sensors, Battery and Update Inactivity timeout
  8. Configure a polling schedule to get temperature, motion and battery status (minimum 10 minutes)
  9. Set the motion detection sensitivity level from 1 most sensitive to 7 least sensitive (only Z-Wave Plus devices)
  10. With the newer Z-Wave Plus devices, the device handler automatically sets the temperature scale F/C based on the hub configuration and also sets the temperature reporting threshold to 1 degree

You can find the installation/update instructions here


  • After the configuration/preferences are updated, for the settings to take effect immediate, open the Motion sensor cover, wait 15 seconds and close it.
  • To request the manual update, please press the “Request Update” button, however this is a DELAYED update. The motion sensor is mostly in sleep mode to preserve battery. The next time it wakes up (every 4 hours or as configured), if the user had requested a manual update, it will fetch the latest sensor status, temperature, battery and also update the inactivity timeout configuration.
  • To force an immediate update for all configured settings, press the “Request Update” button and then open the device cover, wait for 15 seconds and close the cover. This forces the motion sensor to wake up and process the manual update request.
  • To force a temperature/motion/battery status update just open the cover, wait for 15 seconds and close the cover.

MONOPRICE JUMPER PINS: On this device you will see a few Jumper pins labelled Pet1 and Pet2. These behave differently from the EcoLink motion sensor jumpers. When using Pet1, Pet2 and Test modes it reduces the distance at which it picks up motion correspondingly.Quoting the manufacturer:

Depending on the settings it will change the distance of motion detection, specifically PET1 does 8m-11m, PET2 does 5m-7m, and Test does 3m-4m

NOTE: This is different from the motion sensitivity option for the newer Z-Wave Plus devices which determine the level of motion within the “range” that must be detected to trigger a motion event.

Low Battery: If your battery falls below 35% consider replacing it. The device will stop sending updates if the battery falls below this level. So you won’t know if you battery has run out, the motion/no motion sensors / temperature sensor may get stuck as well and you may receive no updates.

Temperature Updates: For the older Z-Wave devices, according to the documentation, “Every rise or drop of 2 degrees will trigger a notification to the Hub”. If you aren’t seeing too many temperature updates it’s likely that your room temperature isn’t changing much so the device will send fewer/no temperature updates. According to the technical team the temperature updates are sent every 10 minutes (if there is a change of atleast 2 degrees).
For the newer Z-Wave Plus devices, the device supports two options 1 degree or 2 degree threshold to trigger a temperature reporting update. This device handler automatically sets the reporting threshold to 1 degree when the “Request Update” button is pressed. Make sure you open the device cover, wait for 15 seconds and close the cover for it to take effect.

More features to added, if you have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to ask and we’ll try to add it.

INCLUSION INSTRUCTIONS: It is recommended to install the Device Handler BEFORE paring the device for easier setup. To pair the device, Select Add New Device from the MarketPlace on your ST phone app. Then open the motion sensor device cover. Push a pin into the little hole behind the sensor and press it a couple of times. The close the cover after it shows up. If you’re doing an inclusion after an exclusion, remove the battery first and then reinsert it and then follow the above instructions, otherwise the device doesn’t always pair up.

EXCLUSION INSTRUCTIONS: If you deleted the device without excluding it won’t pair up again until you exclude it. To exclude the monoprice sensor:

  1. Set the hub into exclude mode (log into the IDE → My Hub → View Utilities → Z-Wave Exclude.
  2. Place the sensor within 1 meter of the hub and push a pin into the little hole behind the sensor to initiate exclusion. See diagram at http://downloads.monoprice.com/files/manuals/10796_Manual_131204.pdf

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Giving it a try now. Looks like there’s an encoding issue maybe on your webserver, I had a wierd unicode character showing up in the UI, looking at your server, it’s in the raw code there too. Search for the line with:
attributeState "temperature", label:'${currentValue}°'

I see that tildeA thing in Chrome. There’s one more occurrence of it a few more lines down from it.

Yes I replicated it, just change the encoding on your browser page to UTF-8 (default is Windows-1252) and it shows up fine.

I fixed it manually, so no big deal. You can force the encoding on your webserver so folks not as technical as you and I don’t come across that.

What server are you using? I can probably help as long as it’s not IIS.

Thanks for letting me know - fixed it.

My device is constantly showing in motion even when covered. Using RBoy device handler.

Is this a device issue?

Didn’t quite understand. You mean you’ve placed a cloth or something over it and it’s still show up as a motion detected.
If so try this, remove the battery and insert it again. If that doesn’t resolve it try to delete the device and re pair it. If that still doesn’t work I suspect it may be a faulty device.

Yes, that is what I meant. I will try those steps.

Well looks like I have a dud smh. Having Monoprice send me a replacement.

One more point to check. Make sure the inactivity timeout is NOT zero. If it’s zero that means it will never send an inactive notification just to be sure do this
Open the device preferences. Set the timeout to 1 minute. Click save
Important. Click on the update request button. Now open and close the cover of the sensor. These last 2 steps are important for it to update.
You need to request the update and then you need to manually trigger the update (otherwise it can take upto 24 hours from the request to actually update by itself). See if that fixes it

I tried that and no success. Device still only showing motion. I am getting the message below in live log when I open or close the cover.

groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: Exception
evaluating property ‘descriptionText’ for java.util.ArrayList, Reason:
groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: descriptionText
for class: physicalgraph.device.HubAction @ line 102

I am also getting only motion on the one sensor I’ve set up with this, I’m new to this so not sure why. What do you need from me to troubleshoot?

Thanks - fixed it can you try version 1.0.2. Also see if it fixes the motion not turning off issue (possible that the bug was interrupting the flow)

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Please update to v.1.0.2 and try this:

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Hi RBoy,

I have 7 of these GoControl/Monoprice motion sensors and using the “Monoprice Motion Sensor v2” custom device handler. They all work great except several of them aren’t showing the battery level. Will your handler solve this issue? That is the only problem I’m having with them so I want to be sure since it looks like I’ll have to pay you to get access your handler on your server.


Ok, I updated the handler code to v1.0.2. I get the temp and battery now. I have timeout set to 1 min. At first it showed no motion. I then waved my hand over the sensor and it showed motion. The tile does not reflect when motion stops even when the recent activity shows “motion has stopped”.

I noticed that Live logging shows motion active and inactive, but it does not show the same updates in recent view in app. Below is me waving my hand over sensor. Log in phone app only shows stopped motion at 7:33pm. It does not show active motion at all.

2599fe00-423f-4f11-a3e5-e5b762685569 7:33:26 PM: trace Parse returned [name:motion, value:inactive, descriptionText:Central Motion Sensor motion has stopped, isStateChange:true, displayed:true, linkText:Central Motion Sensor]
2599fe00-423f-4f11-a3e5-e5b762685569 7:33:26 PM: trace BasicSet(value: 0)
2599fe00-423f-4f11-a3e5-e5b762685569 7:33:26 PM: trace Parse returned [[name:motion, value:active, descriptionText:Central Motion Sensor detected motion, isStateChange:false, displayed:false, linkText:Central Motion Sensor]]
2599fe00-423f-4f11-a3e5-e5b762685569 7:31:48 PM: trace Parse returned [[name:motion, value:active, descriptionText:Central Motion Sensor detected motion, isStateChange:false, displayed:false, linkText:Central Motion Sensor]]
2599fe00-423f-4f11-a3e5-e5b762685569 7:31:48 PM: trace Parse returned [name:motion, value:active, descriptionText:Central Motion Sensor detected motion, isStateChange:false, displayed:false, linkText:Central Motion Sensor]
2599fe00-423f-4f11-a3e5-e5b762685569 7:31:48 PM: trace BasicSet(value: 255)

So the recent activity is showing stopped. I suspect this a bug with the ST app. You should report it to ST support.
Try this close the app and restart it

Yes it does…

Minor update, making the z-wave update calls more ST complaint.

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