Home alarm system that is compatible with SmartThings (UK)

You are kidding. I just ordered it thinking I could just use my existing hub. It doesn’t say it’s a special hub not just says it’s a SmartThings v3.

If I can’t add it to my existing system they will be getting it sent back LOL.

You can try it and see, maybe they’ve changed things. :sunglasses:

I’ve just checked their faq and they say everything works with existing SmartThings hub except the camera. But I can’t see how that wouldn’t be it looks just like the standard camera.

Just need to try it all when it arrives. If I can’t use my existing hub or transfer everything over to theirs without having to set them all up again they’ll be getting it back LOL.

Do you know if it’s easy to replace a hub. Are all my devices stored on device or in their cloud?

At the present time there’s no migration tool (they’ve discussed one for years, but it’s never happened). So you just have to start from scratch with pretty much everything if you go to a different hub. There may be an exception for web core pistons, to be honest I’m not sure on that. But you do have to add each device and any automations created with the official features individually again.

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Their FAQ says that the individual devices that they sell will work with an existing smartthings hub. It does not say you can sign up for the V home monitoring service with an existing smartthings hub. There’s a difference between hardware compatibility and feature compatibility. But again, you’ll just have to try it and see.

I already own a Samsung SmartThings Hub that I didn’t buy from Vodafone. Are the devices you sell compatible with my Samsung SmartThings Hub?
All of the devices are compatible, with the exception of the SmartThings Camera that is only compatible with the V-Home Hub.

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Not sure if EcoLink Motion Sensor are available in the UK but they definitely have a great pet detection settings for large and small pets; and they have an awesome battery life.

Using those (and many more sensors options) you can build your own security setup SmartThings using SHM or custom apps. However it can’t call anyone like ADT but can message you and take actions.

You can use third party monitoring systems for SmartThings.

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The UK alarm system market is a pile of smelly brown stuff compared to the US. However here are some options.

There is an integration to Smartthings listed in these forums. Some of their products like their doorbell and lock are not available in the UK and like all UK alarm systems it does not support linking to other brands

There is an unofficial solution for linking to Yale UK alarm systems also in these forums

Konnected for DSC panels only supports wired sensors.
Envisalink and Alarm Decoder do support DSC with wireless sensors and also have integrations for Smartthings


Note: DSC PowerSeries panels are older technology and no longer regarded as adequate by the UK alarm industry. I did eventually manage to find one reseller though.

The Vodafone solution is as far as I can see using a standard Smartthings v3 hub with a sticker on it. It maybe that you could buy a starter kit and through it away and use your existing hub. The Vodafone offering is literally rebadged Smartthings products - both hub and sensors but with the monitoring done via Vodafone.

The ADT Smartthings offering was only ever a US option. ADT in the UK is a totally different organisation and their offerings are pretty awful from a ‘smart’ home point of view.

Thanks for this. I’m quickly realising that smart alarms in the U.K. are way behind. Hopefully one day we’ll get some good products.

I did order the Vodafone one in the hope that I can connect it all to my existing ST hub. I’ll keep you all posted on how that goes. Hopefully the products they send are not locked to that specific rebadged hub they send. If they are it’ll all be going back.

With Ring now being owned by Amazon it is highly likely that their alarm system will become available in the UK.

Duh! They beat me to it, it is now available in the UK.

There seems to be an integration for it in these forums but I doubt anyone has yet tried it in the UK.

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I’ve received the Vodafone stuff and while the camera doesn’t connect to my existing hub the hub they sent is a ST Wi-Fi one which when added to my account allowed the camera to connect to it and be visible across my home in the account.

The whole process was very straight forward.

My only concern is that Vodafone seem to implement their own SHM system which at the minute doesn’t look like it synchs with the standard ST one. I’m unsure at this stage of webCoRe will be able to access the Vodafone implementation or not. I’ll update once I’ve had time to play.

So far so good though.

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@JDRoberts or anyone else?

any tips on how I might be able to keep the two systems in synch. I can’t seem to find a way to programmatically do it.

They seem to have implemented an exact copy of the ST SHM and is only accessible in the new ST app

I had hoped that it would be smart enough to just work, unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case, and of course in WebCoRe you cannot access that system as its separate to the ST standard one.

I have pistons setup that automatically change the status of the ST SHM based on mode and presence, which is doing exactly what I want it to do and works seamlessly, however this is not replicated across to the v-home version of SHM.

Have you seen anything anywhere that might help me out, or any suggestions that I could try.


First, to check one thing…

My understanding is that it is possible to do what you are describing with the classic app. But the smart home manager feature in the classic app and the smartthings home monitor feature (note the slightly different names) look the same, but are actually two completely different sets of code. For example, setting the security.mode in the classic app should not affect the setting of the security.mode that you see in the new V3 app. Similarly, dismissing an alert in one of the apps will not dismiss it in the other app. This has confused a lot of people.

My understanding also is that it is not possible to use webcore to change the security.mode for the version in the new app. Only for the one in the classic app.

Has this changed? Do you have a webcore piston working to change the security.mode for the new V3 app? Because my understanding was that whether you were using the Vodafone version or just the regular smartthings version, you could not change the armed status for the new app with webcore.

no I can’t access the new app version in WebCoRe. I would like to be able to simply set the Vodafone one based on the code I have in WebCoRe though. I will be happy to dismiss alerts etc in the new app, id just like to be able to have the automation that I have in WebCoRe that sets the classic app SHM to be mirrored in the new app.

Basically when I leave the area or go bed my classic app sets the relevant armed status, when I get up in the morning, or come back into the house the reverse is true. If this simple feature could be mirrored to the new app this would make me a happy bunny.

Any ideas how this can be done?

It can’t be done because you aren’t accessing the same variables.

The new STHM is completely different code running on the new non groovy architecture. They have not enabled any external access to the security part. So at present you can’t even create a custom automation to change the new security.mode. You have to open the app and manually toggle it except I think there may be an option to set it based on clock time.

They might change this in the future, they only recently added the ability to automate unlocking a smart lock in the new app.

But for now, they don’t want you to automate changing the security.mode

So that would apply to the Vodafone system as well. It also applies to the ADT model in the US.

looks like I can just use the SHM in the classic app with all the devices, not sure it will notify Vodafone of the alert if the SHM in the new app isn’t set though, however I don’t really mind as I have my own alerting system setup in webcore using an external monitoring service, if they get an SMS or Phone call from my piston they know what to do :slight_smile:

What I am currently investigating however is the camera recording clip, although in the classic SHM I said to record a one minute clip upon an alert being activated, I cannot seem to find where this clip is recorded. In the new app the clips are easy to find, however I can’t seem to find it in the classic app.

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Does anyone know, what happens at the end of the Vodafone contract?

Will they unlock the hardware, or does the kit become bricked?

the devices they send you are not locked, the only thing that requires “their” hub is the camera.

The hub they send is a normal ST wifi hub, I am unsure once everything is up and running whether I can disconnect their hub and the camera would still work.

Everything that they have sent connected to my V3 hub, as I said the only reason I needed their hub was to get the camera connected, even once it was added it went into the V3 hub.

I am going to test removing their hub a little later once I am sure everything is working with it connected.

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There have been multiple reports in the forum from people who bought the Vodafone version of the hub as a used item that said they were unable to activate that hub itself without a Vodafone account. I think they all ended up just buying a new hub. But the end devices don’t seem to be locked.

(BTW, they could be physically identical models, but since the serial numbers have to be registered with the cloud to work, it could just be a matter of Samsung setting aside a block of serial numbers for Vodafone’s use. No way to tell until someone proves different.)

I have seen the reports, I have now tested all my devices with the VF hub turned off and they all work, my only concern is that the VF reporting might not now work, however I cannot see how that would be the case. But you never know. I guess the only way to test this would be to trigger the alarm and wait to see if VF contact me :slight_smile: neighbours will love me.

In terms of activating the hub, that is probably the case as I needed to activate it in the VF V app, however now that it is activated I would guess that it can be used by anyone, not that I am going to sell it or pass it to anyone as its quite a cool little wifi mesh router, if I ever need to extend my wifi signal anywhere it’ll be quite useful. Ill be keeping a hold of it for later use if required.

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Hi, I am in the UK and following your thread as I want an alarm system thats smart and I too can’t find anything. Putting the remote monitoring and simm backup aside could I just buy a siren, sensors, a camera and set automations in the app instead of relying on a package?